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Las Venturas Playground

Welcome to the Las Venturas Playground website! Grown from a 100-man community to a network of services with over 133 thousand registered members, it's safe to say that Las Venturas Playground is one of the largest San Andreas: Multiplayer communities around on the internet. Registration is free, easy, and gives you direct access to all our features.

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Las Venturas Playground News & Updates


Awesome features that you may not know about!

posted by George on Sunday, June the 4th at 3:15 PM

Hey folks!

Las Venturas Playground's gamemode has become bigger and bigger over the past ~11 years with thousands of commits in the past year or two alone, and keeping up with all the latest and greatest feature enhancements can be a challenge. As such, I figured it may be handy to write this thread to share some of LVP's features that you may never know existed!


Ever sniped someone and wondered if your shot registered? There's an way to do just that thanks to /hs. Any shots that hit your opponent will generate a sound

This command isn't too well known and provides some basic functionality for those who want a more "minimal" experience. This command has three options: infomsg, newsmsg, showmsg

/settings infomsg [on/off] - this will toggle the automatic messages such as "Save money and stats! Register your nickname at", "Be part of our community and stay updated with the latest news at!", etc.

/settings newsmsg [on/off] - this will toggle notices that appear at the bottom of your screen, such as:

/settings showmsg [on/off] - this will toggle both /showmsg and event notices (i.e. minigame) signup notices:

/ignore, /unignore, /ignored
In the event that someone is annoying you, or you just don't wish to speak to them, these commands will do exactly as they say on the tin, and block communications (both chat & PM) from any player of your choice.

Some of the things you do in game can be tailored towards you. Among the options are /my spawnmoney, to allow you to choose exactly how much cash you'll spawn with and /my deathmessage, to display personalized text that will appear on the screen of any players you kill. Other options include /my minigame, allowing you to chose between either the uzi or tec9 for the FightClub and /sawnoff minigame and so on. Type "/my" whilst ingame to check out the full listing! VIP's have additional features such as the ability to change the weather and time, disable their teleport, etc.

This command is fairly self explanatory:

/hitman, /bounties, /wanted
With the /hitman command, you can place a "bounty" on a player's head. This will reward the killer of said player with an amount of money that is chosen by the player that creates the bounty. Those with bounties on their head can be identified using the /bounties command. Players listed under /wanted are those who have achieved a kill streak. The higher their wanted level, the more money you'll receive for killing them!

/countdown, /cd
Instead of using the main chat as a form of countdown, the /countdown (/cd) commands will allow you to create a timer of anywhere up to 10 seconds which will display orange "GO" text at the end.

Want to hunt down a player? /locate is perfect for doing just that. This command will allow you to view a player's world, vehicle (or on foot) and approximate location.

This command will display a full list of the areas that you can teleport to with the /tow and /taxi commands. For example /tow 9 or /taxi 9 will take you to the Los Santos Airport.

For a full listing of every minigame of every type (Deathmath, Races, etc), the /minigames command is what you need!

Special Properties

read-group-chat | Seti @ Home Satellite
Grants owners of the property which curates this feature the ability to read conversations happening in group and gang chats. This is exposed to users as "read-group-chat".

vehicle-modifications | LV Transfender
The owner of the property with this flag will get some money every time a player modifies their vehicle, which could be a new paintjob or other modifications.

customtax-airport | LV Airport
Owners of this property should be able to modify the so called 'custom tax' and have free access themselves to the airport this property belongs to.

bombshop | LV Bomb Shop
LVP features a bombshop property, which will keep the owner up to date of every bomb sale that is being made.

free-teleport | Area 69 Control Tower
Buyers of this property will be able to keep track of teleports all around LVP, while having the ability to teleport for free.

loans | LV Main Bank
Owners of the bank property are able to make money with so called loans: money borrowed by players that has to be paid back with a certain interest. The property owner is able to change this interest and keep track of every loan made.

bar | The Craw Bar
Bar owners will receive a certain amount of money for every drink a player bought.

kaufman-cabs | Kaufman Cabs
LVP has one taxi company called: Kaufman Cabs. The owner of this company is able to change the taxi price, have free taxi rides and track taxi usage of other players.

police | SAPD
Owners of the police property receive money for every shot criminal.

export | LV Exports
Exporting players will let the owner of the export property receive money for every export.

armour | Ammu-Nation
Owners of this property will receive a certain amount of armour every now and then.

health | Fort Carson Medical Center
Owners of this property will receive a certain amount of health every now and then.

weapons-ammo | Shooting Range
Owners of this property will receive a certain amount of weapons and ammo every now and then.

health-protection | LVP Headquarters
Owners of this property will receive a certain amount of health every now and then. In addition, if owners are nearby this property, nobody will be able to buy it from them.


There are currently four different pickups:

  • Health
  • Armour
  • Ammo
  • Money

Owners of these statues/pickups will receive complimentary health, armour, ammo or money for each kill they make. They can be located using your radar/map. You may find that other players posses them, in which case, killing said players will force them to drop the statue, allowing you to collect them!

If you've any questions about these features or anything else you'd like to know about Las Venturas Playground, please say so!

Thanks & enjoy! :)

New Crewmembers!

posted by Ricky92 on Thursday, May the 25th at 3:41 PM

Hello Guys!

Without further ado, I present to you the newest members of the crew team, both have shown dedication and interest in helping grow and maintaining a safe, secure and fair gameplay for every LVP regular every time they have been given temporary rights. And today we are honored to welcome both Humza and Finisha as we agreed they would be a great addition to team as well as making a longer admin coverage over a different timezones. Well earned and congratulations!

On behalf of The Las Venturas Playground Crew,

Las Venturas Playground 33.0

posted by Xanland on Friday, February the 17th at 4:18 AM

Good night,

We have just released Las Venturas Playground 33.0 to the server!

Among the updates are that killtime is rewritten to our new codebase, along with:

New features:


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where an administrator with godmode could be killed by a carbomb (e885c34)
  • Fixed an issue where both maptp and tp were not properly reset for non-VIPS if their tempadminrights were taken (ff9d562 | a647199)
  • Fixed an issue where /customtax would show SA-MPs command not found-error instead of our own (dc27029)
  • Fixed an issue where /kill while using /watch would bug the person who is watching (bcdb64d)
  • Fixed an issue where the name of a guest was not correct in javascript or some IRC-commands (ca4b3bd...6ecc689)

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

Server IP:

Las Venturas Playground 32.4

posted by George on Monday, January the 23rd at 11:35 AM

Good morning,

Las Venturas Playground 32.4 is now live! 


  • Fixed an issue where by a MySQL error was given when specifying a Gang Tag of excessive length (856c1ae)
  • Fixed an issue where players could end up with Health points greater than 100 if they owned the Fort Carson or LVP HQ properties (8ded695)
  • Fixed an issue where Crew members would be unable to pull up the /house goto menu (ff5366c)
  • Remove the PlayerDisconnectError JavaScript function (5422013)
  • Update to the latest version of JavaScript's V8 Engine (8ecfe99)
On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

Server IP:

Las Venturas Playground 32.2

posted by George on Monday, January the 9th at 7:39 AM

Good morning,

Las Venturas Playground 32.2 is now live!

Among the updates are that the Christmas Decorations have been disabled for another year, along with:

New features:
  • Added the ability to Disable automatic announcements with /settings infomsg [on/off] (b2d54ab)


Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Merchant Vehicle (49f7db7)
  • Fixed an issue where /ignore may not block PMs replied to with the /r command (7cfbcaa)
  • Fixed an issue with the Colour Picker (e78b458)
  • Fixed an issue where deleted friends were improperly handled (bcaeb63)

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

Server IP:

Regarding Deer_Hunter

posted by TEF on Wednesday, January the 4th at 9:31 PM

Hello, everyone. Today, we share a different type of announcement with you all.

After 10 months of being a part of our crew, Deer_Hunter will no longer be an administrator on Las Venturas Playground. This decision was not made lightly—the voice of the community and various analyses were taken into account, alongside a multitude of discussions. We will not be disclosing all reasoning that led to this final decision, but do be aware that it is final.

We would like to sincerely thank Deer_Hunter for his contributions and efforts made to the Las Venturas Playground community, as this decision has no bearing on the good that he brought. Lastly, although he may be leaving our crew, he will always be welcome on our server and forum.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,

Happy New Year!

posted by MrBondt on Sunday, January the 1st at 1:09 AM

The team at Las Venturas Playground wishes you a happy new year and all the best for 2017!

ALL BANS have been LIFTED. Plus [BB]Edz joins the crew!

posted by George on Saturday, December the 31st at 10:33 AM

Greetings :w

As is traditional at this time of year, we've lifted all bans (with a few exceptions - said people will most likely know why) and anyone previously banned is now welcome to play at Las Venturas Playground once again!

The latest revision of our rules are as follows:

Cheats or modifications that grant an advantage over other players are forbidden
No excessive swearing, flaming, or racism
Avoid the use of constant CAPS while speaking in the main chat
DO NOT evade death by means of quitting and re-joining, running into interiors, or using commands
DO NOT abuse bugs and/or commands — c-bug and 2-shot are permitted
DO NOT harm a cruise in any way
DO NOT spam

Furthermore, we'd like to welcome [BB]Edz to the Crew - congratulations buddy! :)

On behalf of the team at Las Venturas Playground,

Forum data loss

posted by MrBondt on Thursday, December the 29th at 5:54 PM

Good day.

Due to an unfortunate incident when doing some routine maintenance on our forum, we accidentally wiped out our database and had to restore a backup from a week ago.

This sadly means that all posts since then have disappeared and will not be restored. We're actively working on getting our announcements back as well as some other changes to the forum.

We apologize for all inconvenience this has caused.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,


LVP 31.0

posted by Badeend on Monday, October the 31st at 12:17 AM

Two weeks after the release of LVP 30.6, we have released LVP 31.0. This update consists of the following new features, improvements and bugfixes:

New features:

  • You will now receive a refund when selling your house (03e36f7)
  • Gang chat can now be encrypted, i.e. invisible to the Seti@Home owner (d4cd11b)
  • Eight new house locations have been added, two unique for VIPs (70b1c92)
  • Administrators will get notices of illegal vehicle entry and illegal NPCs (c5e8fe2, deee1da)
  • Administrators can now use /showreport that automatically mutes a player (d7b35b5)
  • Management members can now change settings by using /lvp settings (c6b779b)
  • Management members can now create a CPU profile by using /lvp profile (e3f2a6f)


  • Players can only spawn vehicles once per three minutes (0410f13)
  • A disambiguation dialog has been implemented for /v (0c8a426)
  • The VIP room cannot be entered anymore by fighting players (c56bd05)
  • Kills made using an RC Baron will now be counted as lame kills (664e873)
  • Minimized player detection is now done in C++ (6a16d01)
  • Admins can check minimized players using the /idlers command (647e2d1)
  • The default time for /mute has been reduced to two minutes (cc49928)
  • Management members evaluating code will now get feedback (63765ed)

Bug fixes:

  • Locking vehicles works again, as expected (d5ace66)
  • Fight Club will continue to freeze players during countdown (db55fb7)
  • Skin 121 (the army guy) cannot be selected anymore (dcee7f0)
  • The American flag in Area 69 has been removed... again (0923795)
  • Kicking a member of your gang who is not online confirms again (168a5b1)

A big thanks to Russell for making this all possible. Great job!! O+