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Cooolkast going for professor

posted by Deaken on Tuesday, March the 27th at 10:30 PM

My fellow LVP-members,

In just a short time this is the third time I have to announce you on behalf of the management the departure of an honored management member. Cooolkast also gave notice of leaving the Management to give his study an extra boost and more time. He stated that there just was not enough time to maintain both of them properly.
Cooolkast was active in the management as general member. He always gave his opinion and his opinion was always respected.
He will also be set to VIP-member and he also earns our respect!

Cooolkast, good luck with your study and see you now and then.

The Management

Rico grabs up his social working life

posted by Deaken on Tuesday, March the 27th at 10:29 PM

LVP Members,

Just a short time after the decision of Chillosophy to leave the management Rico told us that he also had to put his management function on a pause. As we all know, Rico was the Department of Personnel and by his strict but fair way of managing the crew he established an active and participating crew.
Rico has also been offered a job with the possibility of an intern education and he decided to grab this one with both hands.
He will be set to VIP-member and earn our great respect.

Rico, Thank you for all your work and good luck with your new challenge and see you now and then.

The Management

Chillosophy throws the towel in the ring

posted by Deaken on Friday, March the 23rd at 11:09 PM

Dear LVP members,

After a period of intensive administrating and being managementmember for quite a while now our Chillosophy decided to take a step back and leave the management because of his new job at the Dutch telophone company KPN. Despite our sadness we respect Chillosophy decision for this step. Chillosophy will remain active as VIP-member/admin and he promised us to keep in touch.
The managementspot will be taken by Vinpower who already worked together with Chillosophy.

Chillosophy thank you for all your efforts you made and good luck with your new job!

The Management.

for your acknowledgement see  -> Thankyou Chillosophy!

Forum changes

posted by Deaken on Tuesday, March the 13th at 7:18 PM

Dear LVP's,

As you might have noticed some small things have been changed in the permissions of the boards. From now on it doesn't mean that when you are an admin you are also an admin on the forums and visa versa. This has been changed because with 45+ boardmoderators there is absolutely no overview anymore. Therefore we took all rights from everybody and rebuild it starting with scratch.

Here are a few changes:

No changes, members of the management are still board administrators with all permissions

This group is set back to the original permissions, still able to see the moderator and the adminboard. Also this group is renamed to LVP Admin

This group is set back to the original permissions, still able to see the moderator board. Also this group is renamed to LVP Moderator

Here are no special changes, still able to see their own gang-board.

The gangleaders are moderator off their own gangboard. They also have a new option in the group menu to add or remove members from their gang, so they don't have to ask it anymore. If you don't know how this works ask Nakebod or me on IRC.

[VIP Members]
Not much of a change here.

[users] to
no changes.

We also asked a few people or they are interested to assist us managing the boars in the function of a Forum-admin. So it is my honour to introduce to you the 4 new forum admins:


They will have the possibilities of placing a modbreak, correcting you, closing topics and some more things.

We wish the new Forum-admins good luck with their jobs !

Yours Sincerely,

The Deaken.
LVP Management.