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News archive of July 2015

This page contains the news items which were submitted in July 2015. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Las Venturas Playground 22.4

posted by cake on Monday, July the 13th at 10:40 AM


We're pleased to announce the release of Las Venturas Playground 22.4. This release focuses on improving the overall stability of the game mode, giving players more flexibility, as well as fixing some bugs. Below are a list of changes, with props to Granny for the very detailed changelog:

- The use of ramps (/ramping) is now disabled as standard in RC Vehicles and various other vehicles, such as trains. VIPs can still use ramps with RC vehicles, but they'll need to be enabled first. (cake)

- The pause manager, or, "AFK" system, has been removed. We felt the potential for it to cause confusion amongst players when returning to the game. To be AFK, you can either hit ESC or minimize the game window which will trigger an eggtimer, or "hourglass" as referred to on the SAMP documentation, to show up right next to your player. In future we may add AFK text or something similar to further clarify. (cake)

- Spawnmoney has been increased from $250 to $5,000. For those already registered, nothing has changed, this is only for unregistered players. Spawnmoney can be configured using the /my spawnmoney command. The reason for the increase is that we felt new players were too restricted as standard. For example, the Las Venturas Airport is, at minimum, $500 to gain access to via the normal automatic gate. This essentially made the area off-limits to new players. (cake)

- The taxi system (/taxi) timer will now reset upon death. In the past, if you taxi'd, and then taxi'd again within a short period of time, you would be required to wait around 2 minutes. Now, when you die, the timer automatically resets. When you die and respawn, your health resets, as does your armour, spawnmoney, weapon ammo, etc. Consistency upon new spawns was what we were aiming for here. (Reported by [SWK]Steven, adjusted by cake)

- The /givecash has always been 10 million dollars, however, when sending more than that, you would be prompted with something like "Invalid transaction amount". This was not very clear, and it has now been replaced with: You can send a maximum of $10,000,000 per transaction. (cake)

- Previously, it was not possible to fill the bagofcash (using the /bagmoney command) to the advertised 50 million dollars. It was only possible to achieve $49,999,999. This issue has been corrected. (cake)

- When teleporting to certain map zones that required a vehicle (using /teles) you would be presented with: You cannot teleport to a jumpzone in this type of vehicle!. This would occur when on foot. The message has now been changed to: You have to be in a vehicle to teleport to a jumpzone! (cake)

- lagcomp/lagshoot has been enabled. A portion of current regular players have made it clear they would prefer lagshoot. Whilst we understand not everyone feels the same, our aim is focusing on going forward into the future, and we are experimenting to see what this will mean for player count. (cake)

- /getstats would display a command not found warning for unregistered players. This issue has been corrected. (cake)

- The interface of /properties has been updated and is now much easier to use. (cake)

- New vehicles have been added to /cruise car, the one car per 10 seconds limit has been removed. (cake)

- Cruise announcement messages are now shown once per 2 minutes, rather than 4. (cake)

- Cruise messages regarding /cruise car, /vr and /flip are now only shown to people within range on the cruise leader. (cake)

- The pop-up dialog for things like command not found has been adjusted from 12 seconds, to 8 seconds. (cake)

- Fix the timer responsible for disabling the ammunation NPCs. (cake)

- Various changes to crew commands and access levels. (cake)

- Properties have been revamped (some removed, re-positioned and re-priced). (Luce)

- Various errors on the website have been fixed. (MrBondt)

- The Want To Play web page has been updated with the 0.3.7 client download link. (MrBondt)

We're also pleased to announce the addition of 3 new crew members, namely: Mr.JT, Luce and Granny!

Lots more tweaks and improvements are planned and we hope to see the release of these in the coming month or two. You can follow the development of Las Venturas Playground on Trac and the Development Portal. We welcome any suggestions or comments!

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team,