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News archive of April 2007

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[April's Fools] Admins / mods back in action

posted by Fireburn on Monday, April the 2nd at 9:59 PM

The last days, a number of crewmembers were ‘leaving’. Chillosophy ( who was going to the KPN ( Dutch telephone operator ) ) and cooolkast (because of his study ) left for real,  the one’s leaving after them, were leaving because of an April Fool’s joke.

Because Peter is some when ‘playing’ with the admins, Rico wanted to make a joke to him too. Rico started already 5 days before 1 April, to make the joke look more real. After that, he was not ingame, and not much on IRC. He first went to theHolyCow, to ask him to join the joke ( although you didn’t see him leaving, because he was eating ducks at the moment, and therefore was too late signing his ‘leaving’ papers. )

The days after that, much admins left the crew, here’s a list of everyone who was participating in the joke, and their positions:

- JUTD (He was invited, but didn’t join, administrator)
- Rippance (Wanted to join, but wasn’t seen back, administrator)
- theHolyCow (Too late with his ‘leaving’ papers, management)
- MrBondt (Responded in another ‘leaving’ topic, administrator)
- Jorijn (Made a ‘leaving’ topic, administrator)
- TriggeR (PMéd Peter, administrator)
- BakuraRyou (PMéd Peter, administrator)
- boeingkillerr (PMéd Peter, moderator)
- Nakebod (Our own corrupt management member, who didn’t leave, but knew about everything, management)
- Chillosophy (Spectator, his leaving was NOT a joke, administrator)

On 1 April, Peter was invited to an IRC channel, and everyone who was there, was saying: “April’s Fools!” and “1 April ( this is what we say in Holland)”.

So now, everyone (except Chillosophy, who remains administrator and cooolkast, who left the whole crew) who ‘left’ is back now!

Las Venturas Playground Management