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Welcoming back an old member of LVP crew.

posted by Harry on Saturday, July the 21st at 9:11 PM

Another announcement for today. We are welcoming back Sammo. Due to personal issues he had to leave Las Venturas Playground back in 2009, but now he's back! Welcome back!

The Head of Administrators: striker

posted by Harry on Saturday, July the 21st at 8:22 PM

Today we would like to announce, striker will be Las Venturas Playground's new Head Administrator.

Due to his continued efforts in the LVP community, we feel he is a great candidate for this position. striker will work close with the LVP Management to improve the general gameplay experience of Las Venturas Playground, as he has already been doing unofficially.

Thank you striker for your continued efforts in the Las Venturas Playground community.

On behalf of Las Venturas Playground Management,

Kill hacking tool on the main server

posted by Jay on Monday, July the 2nd at 4:16 PM

We've been under a constant attack by a hacker from this community tricking the game into thinking that a specific player has been killed a number of times to mess up their stats.

I've just wrote a fall-proof script and loaded it on the main server which will detect the next time this fool attempts to do this, and point us to his real account so we can expose and ban them from our services permanently.

In addition, some extra protection has been added to accounts. They now must be logged in before any stats such as kills / deaths are registered.