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News archive of July 2010

This page contains the news items which were submitted in July 2010. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


LVP 2.92.3 - The first feature release!

posted by thiaZ on Friday, July the 30th at 2:11 PM


Two weeks after the bugfix release, we are proud to present you the first feature release of LVP 2.9.3! We've worked 2 weeks to give you some new cool features. You might wonder why there are not that much features but the problem is that most of the developers are on vacation and this means they're not able to script much.

First of all LVP goes deathmatch. Instead of a Desert Eagle every player spawns now with a Sawnoff Shotgun and 40 bullets in it and a Uzi with 200 bullets in it. We hope that this feature helps non-registered players to get the same chances to protect theirselfes as registered players. We also changed /drifting to /my drift [on/off].

Probably the biggest feature is the possibility to buy private vehicles. No one except you is allowed to enter them as driver after you bought one. The tuning of it (that means colors, rims, hydraulics and nitro) will also be saved, so everytime you execute '/my v(ehicle) get', your private vehicle gets teleported to your position with your personal tuning. You can buy private vehicles at the old LVP export point in south-west Las Venturas.

But even if this is a feature release, we also fixed some bugs. This includes a bug that some functions returned the wrong player name, some FightClub and '/my stats' typos, and a small bug in which you needed $20.001 to enable drifting instead of $20.000.

We also added a nice feature for admins/management members. It's possible again to shoot with RC tanks.

And please don't forget to check the full changelog of the LVP 2.92.3 release.

On behalf of the entire Las Venturas Playground Development Team,


LVP 2.92.2 - The first bugfixing release!

posted by thiaZ on Friday, July the 16th at 10:01 AM


After the release of Las Venturas Playground 2.92 there were several bugs and some missing functions. This release contains a lot of bugfixing and is the first bugfix release for the new version. The next update will contain new features and will be live in 2 weeks from today.

I'll list the most important bugfixes: you no longer fall through the ground when using /visit, the export map-icon is now on the correct location, a few drifting bugs have been fixed, and more! Since a lot of people seemed to dislike the new /hideme command and thought it could be abused, we've changed that too! You remain hidden on the radar, but your nametag doesn't disappear. If you don't feel like dying to get visisble again, simply use /unhideme!

Some players complained about the 'cage' causing a lot of lag in the FightClub. We've reverted it to the LVP 2.91 one and will be working on a better, improved, more complex FightClub for the next feature-release.

Since everyone seemed to like the Drift handler for the /map zones, we put a command in, allowing you to disable or enable drifting in the main world as well: /drifting [on/off].

In general, this wasn't a big release, it's more like a improvement for the current LVP 2.92 version!

Check out the full changelog at the LVP Wiki.

On behalf of the entire Las Venturas Playground Development Team,


LVP 2.92 - Finally released!

posted by Matthias on Thursday, July the 8th at 10:18 AM


A few months after our first blogpost where we gave you some basic information, it's finally time to release LVP 2.92! The development team, the LVP mappers and the beta testers have been working incredibly hard to get this version done. We will be releasing a new version every 2 weeks, the first one will include new features for the gamemode, and the second one will be a bugfix on any possible bugs that might occur within the new features. There will be a monthly poll on the forums where you will be able to vote on what you'd like to see next in LVP!

Enough boring details, what's new in LVP 2.92? This version is mainly focused on decreasing lag and fixing every bug we find. This, however, doesn't mean that there are no new features! LVP 2.92 introduces a lot of new features, including a new export location and a new export system, a real jail, a new minigame, a FightClub 'cage', a gangbank system, a new object streamer, an updated database plugin, special bonus times, 17 fully working (and loading!) map zones, a drift system for the map zones, and much much more!

We've also worked really hard to get all the known bugs fixed! If you do still find a bug, please report them in the Bug Report section at our forums.

Next to all this good news, I have some bad news as well: Jay has decided to leave the development team. On behalf of the entire development team I would like to thank Jay for all his years of work, commitment and helping. We're sorry to see you go!

There are some screenshots below about the new features. Well, what are you waiting for? Go check LVP 2.92 out and post your feedback at the forums!

On behalf of the entire Development Team,