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Las Venturas Playground 26.0

posted by George on Sunday, January the 24th at 9:24 PM


An update was pushed to the server! The changes can be seen below. Most notable in this update is that changes have been made to try and resolve the lag/warp issues that we have been facing for quite some time. If you notice any issues, please do let us know by replying here or logging a case on Github!

- 7df0b79: Removed reference to /help 2 from /cmds --> Money. The /help function was rewritten a few months ago and /help 2 no longer works.

- 94d91b8: Grammatical adjustments to certain property commands.

- 422ff72 / 20ebeab / 3074bec: Clarify the bank account upgrade procedure.

- 62322e2: Improvements to the way in which vehicles are positioned.

- 7d0ede5: Temporarily disable the race system whilst a server crash issue is investigated.

- 51e1d4c: Resolved an issue where by the /fight invite dialog would leave you with infinite health.

- 1fd97c6: Added total # of vehicles, properties and ATMs to /stats

- fbe619d: Crew members are no longer notified when a player exports a vehicle.

- 8156530: Players are also granted VIP rights when tempadmin is given, these rights will now be removed if tempadmin is revoked.

- 748b1d7: Kills made during "Kill Time" now only count if the player is in the main world (world 0).

- b614caa: The "Regular Chat" is now only available to users with >50 hours gameplay, rather than 48.

- 63b7324: Resolved an issue where-by players joining the server during a chase would not have the correct colour for the circumstances.

- 44f2804: Removed /tefhint, this command doesn't get updated frequently enough (if ever?) to make it worthwhile.

- bd1ee60: Crew members' radar blips are now properly hidden should they choose to hide themselves.

- 28e1513: Minor adjustments to teleport messages.

- 576ec50: Don't send a notice to the #LVP.Dev IRC channel when a player sprays 100 tags

- 576ec50: Remove dead-code for the old moderator platform, merge four lines of commands into three.

- 90bd27e: Remove the management aprilfools command and dead-code for the old moderator platform.

- 48c75eb: Remove the use of OnVehicleStreamIn in an attempt to resolve the lag issue.

- ef976f8: Play sound when receiving a private message.

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

Server IP:

Las Venturas Playground 25.5

posted by George on Tuesday, January the 5th at 12:57 PM


A small update was pushed to the server last night. The changes can be seen below. If you notice any issues, please do let us know by replying here or logging a case on Github!

- The Packet Loss counter that used to live in the bottom right hand corner has been removed. The results provided weren't accurate. As per the SA:MP wiki, "this function has been found to be currently unreliable the output is not as expected when compared to the client. Therefore this function should not be used as a packet loss kicker"

- When in a truck (e.g. the Linerunner) with a trailer attached, the trailer would often detach itself for no good reason. This issue is now resolved

- When stepping out of a vehicle, the rotation/position of the vehicle sometimes changed. This issue is now resolved

- Changes have been made to improve the reliability of /nos inf(inite)

- /settings newsmsg off now filters out textdraws that usually appear at the bottom of the screen (e.g. signing up for events, property purchases, etc)

- The Christmas decorations have been disabled

- An issue whereby minigames could lead to a false auto-ban due to weapon cheat detections has [hopefully] been resolved

- The commands listed under /cmds --> Main have been updated. @ has been removed as it isn't a command in the traditional sense, along with /leave, given that it only applies in certain situations

- Various server-side limits have been increased in an attempt to reduce lag and improve gameplay

- Various improvements/changes to crew commands

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

Server IP: