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News archive of April 2011

This page contains the news items which were submitted in April 2011. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Las Venturas Stuntground

posted by Jay on Monday, April the 25th at 5:57 PM

We're testing some new 2.94 stunting features on the main server. The gamemode itself has not been updated, we've just loaded some of the new stunting objects and features from an external script. Nitro and vehicle damage are also unlimited during this testing phase, but note that this will not be in the case when 2.94 is finally released.

Be sure to go ingame and check out all the stunts! You can post feedback on the CSI board whereupon we'll move it to Open for Discussion if it's a good post showing arguments for and against these features.

LVP 2.94 Development - The biggest update ever!

posted by xBlueXFoxx on Friday, April the 22nd at 6:00 PM

LVP 2.94, the biggest update of the year?

As you may have seen the LVP 3.0 update blog-post that was said to be hosted on Multi Theft Auto, that was a joke, and surprisingly more people fell for it than we thought would.

Jokes aside, a little peek of what the LVP development has in store for you, as you can tell LVP has not been updated in awhile, it does not mean the development is slacking, but is instead of the common monthly update that has been happening for awhile now. We are taking the time to ensure that there are no bugs and many new features for people to enjoy, these features will hopefully draw attention to the real features that rest in LVP.

New mini games for all to enjoy!

That's right, we're adding new mini-games of all different gaming styles, from stunt to DM. In 2.94 we are adding many MANY new mini-games to the mix. Including, new HAS maps, new death-match mini-games, new derbies, races, and much MUCH more! This update has already been shown to be larger than 2.90 all together, and this is only scratching the surface.

Here is a small screenshot of one of our latest additions to the deathmatch community.

Words on the 'Recession'

Is the recession getting better? There is predicted to new payout times on properties, we are glad to say we are bringing back 1 minute payouts! We shall also be adding a few more properties to run around San Andreas to purchase and explore.

Faster vehicles closer to you!

In the next version of the update, we are adding additions to the vehicle map, and still keeping half the vehicles that the 2009 versions of LVP had, there will be faster cars and bikes closer to spawns, to ensure you get around quickly! Also, optimizations are added to the vehicles, to ensure you keep that smooth frame rate.

User friendly HUD and interface?

As was voted in this topic, you want it you get it! We're working on the start of the new UI for LVP, to ensure new players can access what they want quickly without a ton of confusing commands. We are also improving on the news and updates and removing them from the main chat, so you can talk freely without interruption.

Spray Tags

This feature has only just been developed. Pictures say 1000 words.

Pre-Alpha version of the new Spray Tag feature for 2.94. Although this picture shows reference to only one tag, there are in fact 100.

A new member of development!
We're always looking for members of the development team to get the job done quicker, and we are proud to announce our new developer Kase, congrats!

This is only the beginning, stay tuned for future updates and the upcoming promotional video!

-Las Venturas Playground Development