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News archive of January 2013

This page contains the news items which were submitted in January 2013. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Kase and Russell are promoted to Management and 2 new developers!

posted by Joeri on Monday, January the 14th at 4:51 PM

Good afternoon LVP players!

The LVP Management is proud to welcome 2 new members today, Kase and Russell.

Russell has been heavily involved with development of Las Venturas Playground recently, part of which is replacing the ancient account and database systems in the latest gamemode update. He has advanced knowledge of programming and will lead the effort to optimize the LVP gamemode code and backend.
The second Development Manager position will be filled by Kase, who has been a regular player on LVP for almost 5 years. Kase will lead the effort to improve the gamemode gameplay wise and he will lead the development team.

Both have shown incredible involvement and passion for LVP and we hope to bring the server back to life with the addition of these persons to the Management.

We have more great news, this week 2 new developers have joined the team!

Xanland and Holsje (also known as MrElmo or AgentP) will help rewriting the LVP gamemode and improve the gameplay.

On behalf of the LVP Management I'd like to congratulate everyone with their promotion!


Rebuilding Las Venturas Playground's core!

posted by Kase on Monday, January the 7th at 9:06 PM

Hello! Yesterday evening we've updated Las Venturas Playground to 6.1.0! This version marks an important milestone in the development of our server, as we're now ready to release a whole new account system, one of the core features of LVP, entirely rewritten from scratch. You probably won't notice a lot of changes, although this system is not only way more stable and consistent, but allows us to implement new features way more easily.

We've rewritten the Ammunation system from scratch. You can access the store through the skull pickups located in most Ammunation interiors. As you probably already know, you can find spawn weapons in any Ammunation store; these special weapons are given back to you upon spawn, and last for the whole length of your game session. We also introduced regular weapons, which are lost upon death, and cost considerably less. Among these weapons, you might find some special ones which aren't available as a spawn weapon: make sure to check them!

We'll keep improving the Ammunation system, and introduce new ways to buy weapons in the next updates.

One thing you've probably noticed is the current gang system. Just like other features, we've scrapped the old code and rewritten it from the ground up. The current system features session-based gangs; this means your gang will last as long as there are members in game. Don't worry, though -- your old gang's data is safe, including the amount of money stored in the gang's bank! We'll restore it as soon as the new, kickass group system is released. Stay tuned!

Update: we've pushed a new version to the server, 6.2.1, which addresses a few minor bugs related to the account and the Ammunation systems.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team,