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News archive of August 2010

This page contains the news items which were submitted in August 2010. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


LVP 2.92.5 - Updating to SA-MP 0.3b!

posted by Matthias on Sunday, August the 22nd at 6:42 PM


We're going to update a little earlier than usual, allowing us to update to SA-MP 0.3b faster! This update is mainly focused on getting Las Venturas Playground compatible with SA-MP 0.3b.

However, since this is originally a feature update, you will also find some new features. The long awaited Hide&Seek minigame is finally ready, and fully working! We have been working on it for some time, trying to deliver a smooth working bugfree minigame.

We've also edited the gangbank to include the option for a dialog to bank and withdraw your money. You can also use 'all' as a parameter (as in /gbank withdraw all) to withdraw or bank all your and your gang's money at once. We've also added the option to cancel FightClub invitations using /fight cancel. Next to that we have fixed some minor bugs and improved various things in our core.

Since we're updating to another SA-MP version together with the gamemode update, this means you will need another client to connect and play on Las Venturas Playground. We advise anyone to update to SA-MP 0.3b as soon as possible.

Please download the client at one of the following sources:
Mirror #1
Mirror #2

For this update I want to thank both the beta testers (xBlueXFoxx, Gibbs, Kase, Lithirm, Unbreak, Tpimp and XiZ) and the mappers (xBlueXFoxx and Mikey) in special. They've been working incredibly to get the Hide&Seek minigame fully tested and mapped. Your help is much appreciated!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Wesley for all his work over the last year. As you might've read on our forums he has resigned as a lead developer. Wesley, thanks for everything you've done. This also means that as of now, Fireburn and I will be in charge of developing. If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

You can find the full changelog of 2.92.5 by clicking on the link below:
LVP 2.92.5 Changelog

On behalf of the entire Las Venturas Playground Development Team,


A new lead developer!

posted by Wesley on Sunday, August the 22nd at 12:50 PM

As of today, Matthias will be replacing me as a lead developer. He'll be responsible for the development of Las Venturas Playground together will Fireburn. This also means Matthias will be an official member of the LVP Management from now on. He'd already been idling around the cool channels for a bit, but now it's official. ;)

This does not mean I'm leaving, I'm just resigning from my official responsibility as a lead developer.

Congratulations Matthias! :)

SA-MP 0.3b information

posted by Sander on Saturday, August the 21st at 11:59 PM

If you haven't heard it already, SA-MP 0.3b got released today.

[s]The LVP server will update to 0.3b soon. At this moment we are still running 0.3a, so your client needs to be 0.3a as well.
We try to update the server and gamemode this weekend. After we upgraded to 0.3b we will create another announcement.
We just upgraded to SA-MP 0.3r2. Grab the latest client from sa-mp.com and connect!
A more detailed newspost will follow at sa-mp.nl

LVP Management

Bugs & bans... all gone!

posted by Matthias on Friday, August the 13th at 10:53 AM

And it's time for the bugfix release! Not only did we fix quite a lot of bugs, we also have a nice surprise in store for all of you.

In this version of LVP, 2.92.4, we've reverted to jail to the LVP 2.91 jail cells. This is because the current jail has a lot of trouble with object loading, causing people to get more jail time. We do not know how to fix this yet, but we're looking into it. In the meantime, enjoy the nostalgic jail.

You also can no longer use /world in and around the gangbase, because some gangs used this to 'world-abuse' and surprise the other gang in world 0. The annoying wrong spawnposition for /ww and /sawnoff has been fixed, the attackers in the robbery now get an MP5 instead of Dual Colts. Next to that, we've fixed various rampage bugs, and you can now /leave if you're on a rampage.

In our quest for attracting new players, the hostname has been changed to DM/Minigames/Stunt instead of LVP 2.92. The bug where the bonus times automatically restarted is fixed as well. A few fightclub watch bugs have been fixed, and when a fight ends, the people who watch now automatically respawn.

Check the full changelog here and stay tuned for the next feature update!

As mentioned, we've got something else exciting to talk about as well. We've been looking into ways of getting more players to LVP, from advertising to changing the gamemode name. Of course, those will get us probably 1 or 2 new players, but that's not enough. That's why we decided to lift all the bans we made since 2007 (except for a couple, you know who you are, you little rascals). It sure were a lot of bans, so we're expecting to see a nice little rise in the playercount!

See you on the playground!

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team & Management,
Matthias & MrBondt

P.S.: If you happen to be in one of the few IP ranges which are still banned (and you're innocent), please ask us for an unban and an exception on the forums or on IRC.