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News archive of April 2012

This page contains the news items which were submitted in April 2012. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Introducing live userbars - Update 26/04/2012 - New types!

posted by Richard on Friday, April the 20th at 11:54 AM

Like to show off your stats in your forum signature? Now you can with the new LVP userbars!

We have two amazing colors to choose from: black and white!

1: Black bar

2: White bar

Update 26th April 2012: New types!

3: Blue bar

4: Green bar

5: Orange bar

6: Pink bar

This is how you put them in your profile:

URL: http://sa-mp.nl/ext/[Signature Type]/[User ID]/signature.png

Signature types:
1: Black bar
2: White bar
3: Blue bar
4: Green bar
5: Orange bar
6: Pink bar

User ID: http://sa-mp.nl/players/4/estroe.html

For my userbar, that would be:


For black and


for white.

The images will refresh once per 24 hour. We may change this later on if the load isn't too big.

We hope you wear this in your profile! Not only on LVP, but on other forums as well!

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,


2.94.9-2: Car Taxis, bug fixes and SA-MP 0.3e information

posted by Jay on Thursday, April the 5th at 12:49 AM

2.94.9-2 was updated on the main server a few days ago which is a bug fix update. This release has been fast-tracked due to a problem occurring for players with IDs above 31 suffering with connection issues.

Other changes:

- /race35 has been temp disabled due to client crashes
- Some improvements to the /stunt menu usability
- Fixed players not respawning in their gang when the SaveInfo system loads player data
- You can now car-teleport to taxi destinations! Checkout /tow
- Fixed issue with map zones paying out ridiculous amounts of money
- Fixed issues with RWTW arena not loading properly for some players
- Time to capture a turf has been reduced to 2 minutes

- New house features:-
  - House owners can now lock / unlock houses
  - Its now possible to host house parties and even play custom songs! .mp3 files and shoutcast/icecast servers are supported for DJing. More information regarding this to follow when houses are publicly available to all players.
  - Added house option to /taxi menu and also /house goto command for admins

LVP 2.94.11 is planned which will be on SA-MP 0.3e when it has been released. More information about 0.3e can be found by clicking here.

2.94.11 will have more bug fixes together with a brand new, cool DMing system called iDM. More details about that soon!
Coming Soon