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News archive of October 2009

This page contains the news items which were submitted in October 2009. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


A new Management member for Public Relations!

posted by Sander on Thursday, October the 22nd at 9:06 PM

Wesley has been promoted to permanent Management member. As of today he is responsible for Las Venturas Playground's Public Relations, which include advertising, contacting third parties and promoting new services in various way.

On behalf of the LVP Management,

Las Venturas Playground 2.91 - now on SA-MP 0.3!

posted by Felle on Sunday, October the 18th at 9:16 PM

The Las Venturas Playground Development Team is happy to announce the release of LVP 2.91. The new version has been under development for nearly three months, and after the launch of the long awaited SA-MP 0.3, 2.91 is finally going live!

So, what's new?
This release offers a lot of new features and improvements to the gamemode, including huge code optimizations for less lag and an overall better experience, several bugfixes, the new Lyse minigame and a new jail location (along with the possibility to /visit the cells). After many requests, we have decided to listen - spawn weapons will now save after you timeout. Thanks to new features of SA-MP 0.3, 2.91 also offers real drunk effects, NPCs (bots) that operate the trains and planes, and a total of 1700 new vehicles added around the map!

What do I need to do?
This means that you will need the 0.3a client to play on Las Venturas Playground - 0.2X will no longer work. If you do not have 0.3a yet - do not fear - simply download it!

LVP 2.91 Changelog
SA-MP 0.3 Changelog

Las Venturas Playground 2.91 / SA-MP 0.3 beta testing - 18th of October

posted by Sander on Friday, October the 16th at 10:17 PM

Updated our planning a bit.
So, if you didn't hear it already, SA-MP 0.3 is officially released. Therefor we needed to open our Public Beta a little bit sooner.
Download the client via http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php

Beta Test #1: Ended
Beta Test #2: 18th of October, 3 P.M. (GMT+0)

LVP Public Beta invite!
The Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team are organizing a public LVP 2.91 beta on the 18th of October, 3 P.M. (GMT+0).
The long awaited SA-MP 0.3 client is almost here, and we want to optimize our game-mode as much as possible, including various new 0.3 functions, and new LVP features.

Our beta test requires to have the latest 0.3 RC client.
The latest version can also be obtained from http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php

To join our test server, you can add the following IP to your favorites list: When the server is online, the server will have a password on it, until the public beta test starts.

Report bugs
If you found a bug, don't report it in-game, although the developers and management members will be in-game as well, we can't take notice of all the reported bugs.
When we start the test, we are opening a 0.3/2.91 Bugreport section at the forums. You can report the bugs in this forum.

For this test, we are using a backup from our database. This means that you can't loose or waste your normal account data, it's a separate database.
Using a backup also mean that the used database is not the most up2date database, we want to test the server ourselves before we start, so the database will be at least a few hours old.

When the testing is over
When the test is over, you need to re-install your current 0.2X client again, which can be obtained from www.sa-mp.com.
You can not join 0.2 servers with the 0.3 client.

LVP Server Move (And new IP!)

posted by Sander on Thursday, October the 1st at 7:17 PM

As we already announced in Las Venturas Playground v2, we are upgrading our server.
Well, upgrading is not exactly the correct term. We got ourselves a brand new and very powerful server!
Unfortunately moving to this new server also means that our IP address will change, again.

For the players who have added us to the SA-MP Favorites list, please add our new IP address:

For the players who join us via the Internet tab or Official tab, you will connect to the new IP address automatically.