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News archive of May 2020

This page contains the news items which were submitted in May 2020. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


LVP 46: Gang bank accounts, zoning and mentioning other players

posted by Lithirm on Friday, May the 29th at 5:35 PM

Hi all -

Another week, another release. Today we have the 46th major release of Las Venturas Playground for you!

This release brings lots of goodies for gangs. Firstly, we've changed the gang zone algorithm to use mean shift instead, which means that a few more are now showing up, with more accurate determination. Gangs further have been given a joint account, which can be used through /gbalance, /gbank and /gwithdraw. Gang leaders can configure who can withdraw funds with "/gang settings", and all of the gang's members can see the gang's financial transaction logs through "/gang transactions".

Also new in this release is a complete implementation of gang zone decorations, as part of our plan to make gang zones far more powerful. We're not yet ready to enable this by default, but will certainly be experimenting with it in the next bunch of days to smoothen out the rough edges, hopefully enabling us to release it with Las Venturas Playground 47! Let us know if there are objects that should really be available to gangs.

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Gangs now have access to a joint bank account, including access settings and transaction logs.
  • FEATURE: Gang zones are now determined with a Mean Shift algorithm.
  • FEATURE: Gang zones with VIP-owned houses in them now get an area bonus.
  • FEATURE: You can now @-mention other players in chat, which will play a beep for them.
  • FEATURE: Players will receive a personalized message when they own a gang zone.
  • FEATURE: It's now possible for the kill time feature to be started with custom weapons!
  • FEATURE: The new "/haystack" implementation has now replaced the original one. Hooray!
  • FEATURE: We won't know why Eagle_Force_One doesn't have an account, but they can now get some money with "/eaglecash".
  • FIX: An error will be shown when using "/r" to send a message to someone who has since disconnected.
  • FIX: Gang zones will now be displayed in the gang's selected colour.
  • FIX: Nuwani can now tell you when someone is in-game when using "!players Nickname"
  • FIX: Gunther will no longer make announcements when there aren't any players in-game.
  • FIX: Earnings for exports, deliveries, GTA Vehicles, minigames, vehicle export and wanted rewards have been increased.
  • ADMIN: Notices regarding temporary administrators will be sent to the #LVP.Crew IRC channel.
  • ADMIN: Exceptions to range bans are now available. Use "!rexception" on IRC for more details.
  • ADMIN: The "!setvalue" command is now able to accurately reflect colours.
  • ADMIN: The "/psay" command has been added for Management, by request of our dearest Luce.
  • STAGING: Accounts can now be created on the staging server by using "/register".
  • MISC: Spray tags have been moved to JavaScript in preparation for a themed LVP 47 release.
  • MISC: Our own pickup streamer has been removed in favour of Incognito's streamer.
  • MISC: Russell has received a personal gang zone around his house  O+ 

This release contains contributions from Russell, Holsje, Specifer and Xanland. Also many thanks to Beaner, Freakins and Sophia for filing issues on our GitHub page!


Las Venturas Playground 45

posted by Holsje on Friday, May the 22nd at 4:34 PM

Hey y'all

With this release, we've started the work to fully overhaul our minigames with the principle that you should be in control. Don't just play Haystack, play it as you like it: change the difficulty, the number of levels, the time of day. LVP 45 brings the first few steps towards a world in which you can challenge other players to anything, following your rules.

In terms of performance, we've gathered millions of more data points over the past week, and have made another series of significant improvements. Fundamentally, calling into JavaScript is slow. We've therefore coined the concept of deferred events, which runs certain events with a slight delay (4 thousandth of a second!) rather than immediately in exchange for a ~30x performance improvement![/font]

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: The "/account" command now shows you your e-mail address, registration date, donations and karma.
  • FEATURE: We've started working on a new infrastructure for minigames, called the Games API. Try it out with "/newhaystack".
  • FEATURE: The Los Santos Hills Race has been introduced.
  • FEATURE: The Red County Race has been introduced.
  • FEATURE: The "/kickflip", "/engine" and "/flap" commands have been added for Management members.
  • FEATURE: The "/seize" command has been added, to commandeer a driverless vehicle.
  • FEATURE: Drive-by is now formally allowed, so the punishment dialog has been removed.
  • FEATURE: The "/deathmatch" command has been added with some non-stop FFA death match arena's. You can easily add new locations with custom weapons here.
    FIX: Players will now have to confirm their new password when using "/account".
  • FIX: Spawn money has been reimplemented, and money carries between sessions again.
  • FIX: Cars now have their engines turned off before a race begins.
  • FIX: Cruises are now more verbose in communicating what's going on.
  • FIX: IP bans work as expected again. Who knew that a 2007 decision would come back to haunt us?!
  • FIX: The "/mute" command without a player will show a sensible message again.
  • FIX: Administrator messages for player use of "/house goto" contain more information.
  • FIX: Administrators who use "/modlogin" will now be considered registered in JavaScript.
  • FIX: Blocked words can't be added as substitutions anymore, and vice versa.
  • FIX: Information on how to appeal bans now includes our Discord server.
  • FIX: Information and attribution is shown again when a player gets kicked from IRC.
  • FIX: Spawn coordinates in the "/islanddm" minigame have been fixed to be above the water.
  • IRC: Minimized players will now appear in italic when using "!players"
  • IRC: The "!help" command has been added
  • IRC: Ban durations are now included when viewing a player's record with "!why".
    IRC: Administrators can now use "!supported", "!getvalue" and "!setvalue".
  • MISC: Players can now change their nickname once every 14 days
  • MISC: Gunther will now also inform players about minigames and stunts.
  • MISC: We've upgraded to version 2.9.4 of the streamer plugin; all houses have labels again.
  • MISC: We've retired our zone-manager-plugin entirely. Thanks for the 10 years of service, bud!

[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]This version includes contributions from RussellHolsjeLithirmLuceXanland and Specifer. In addition, many thanks to SophiaBeanerDeer_HunterHaloAzKiller and George for filing issues!

[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Stay safe,[/font]

Las Venturas Playground 44

posted by Russell on Friday, May the 15th at 1:10 PM

Hi all -

I'm please to announce Las Venturas Playground 44.

The first key update is that we've re-implemented all communication on the feature: from chat, to private messages, phone calls and commands such as "/announce" and "/me". They're now all written in JavaScript, fully tested, and have been completely revised to be far more consistent, stable and configurable as possible.

Secondly, following a keen observation by Deer_Hunter, we identified and addressed a series of performance issues on the server. There is still more work to do, but we've fixed the primary pain points.

The full list of changes is as follows:

  • FEATURE: A new type of reaction test has been implemented: remember the number.
  • FEATURE: Gangs are now able to set the preferred skin for their members with "/gang settings".
  • FEATURE: All communication is now subject to a common set of blocked words and substitutions.
  • FEATURE: The server is now able to fix people's grammar in appallingly poor cases.
  • FEATURE: Player mutes will now persist between playing sessions.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now view user notes in the "/account" command.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now access the "/lastbans" command, and unban people from there.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now control communication features using "/lvp settings".
  • FEATURE: Nuwani now supports a "!discord" command.
  • FIX: Gang zones will now actually show up on the map.
  • FIX: Bank account balances will be included in statistic displays again.
  • FIX: Property earnings that would overflow a bank account will be given in cash again.
  • FIX: The "/show spraytag" text has been improved, and "/show discord" has been added.
  • FIX: The "/show nick" text will now tell players to use the "/account" command.
  • FIX: Players will no longer be penalized for being idle on the server.
  • FIX: The "/call" command will no longer apply animations, or prevent you from fighting.
  • FIX: The Nuwani "!ban" command will no longer recognise IP addresses as Player IDs.
  • FIX: IRC messages shown after using "/sell all" now include the correct price, rather than $0.
  • FIX: Muted people cannot talk in gang chat anymore.
  • MISC: Per-player settings have been migrated to a Supplement.
  • MISC: The "/r" command is now available to all players, not just VIPs.
  • MISC: Team chats have been removed for a series of minigames.

Many thanks to Holsje and Specifer for their contributions, and to Xilent, Sinned, Deer_Hunter, H4ls3y and Luce for filing issues.

Finally, we are experimenting with Oscar "Slice" Broman's samp-weapon-config script. It's not enabled on Las Venturas Playground itself, but we do keep it enabled on the beta server to get a better understanding of how it actually works. You can join that server by connecting to play.sa-mp.nl:7778, and we're actively looking for feedback and experience.


Website issues have been resolved!

posted by Russell on Wednesday, May the 13th at 3:16 PM

Hi all,

We've had a bunch of issues with our website for quite a while now, apologies for that. Most of them should have been resolved:

Many thanks to all of those who have reported issues! Please feel free to continue using this thread to report any additional issues.


Las Venturas Playground 43

posted by Russell on Saturday, May the 9th at 5:55 PM

Hi all -

Today I'm please to share with you that Las Venturas Playground 43 has been released.

This release introduces the /account command, which allows you to change your nickname, password and view your past sessions. It also gives you access to your player record, which displays the kicks, bans and unbans you've received during your time on Las Venturas Playground. VIPs are able to create two nickname aliases for their account as well, as a new perk.

In addition, with this release we introduce a change in policy: in line with our objective to be fair, we will no longer consider player incidents that happened more than a year ago. People make mistakes: players, administrators and Management members alike, and it is important that we don't get stuck in the past. We'd like Las Venturas Playground to be a community that people want to be part of again.

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Introduction of the /account command.
  • FEATURE: The bank account limit has been increased to $5,354,228,880.
  • FEATURE: Introduction of gang zones. Right now they only provide pretty aesthetics. Discussion is welcomed!
  • FEATURE: Player tax liability has been removed in favour of voluntary community contributions.
  • FEATURE: Administrators have the ability to enable/disable certain announcements.
  • FIX: Players can no longer be logged in to the server multiple times.
  • FIX: The /forward command works again when in a vehicle.
  • FIX: The /forward command no longer confuses north with south.
  • FIX: The money bag limit has been increased to $50,000,000.
  • FIX: The /ircpm command has been changed to issue a NOTICE rather than a PRIVMSG.
  • FIX: The /crew and /man commands for in-game crew are now working again.
  • FIX: The stream URL of the Radio 10 channel has been fixed.
  • MISC: The JavaScript Player class has been cleaned up, and we introduced support for Supplements.
  • MISC: Handling of player money has been moved to JavaScript in its entirety.
  • MISC: Admins can now change colors on IRC by using #RRGGBB hex syntax.

Many thanks to Xanland and Holsje for their contributions that went in to this release, and to Beaner, George, H4ls3y and Specifer for their bug reports.


Las Venturas Playground 42

posted by Russell on Saturday, May the 2nd at 6:50 PM

Hi all -

I'm glad to announce that Las Venturas Playground 42 has been released.

This feature introduces NuwaniJS, a rewritten version of our IRC bots completely in JavaScript. It's open source, is far more advanced and compatible than the previous version of Nuwani, and brings a ton of new features for players and administrators alike.

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Nuwani has been replaced by NuwaniJS.
  • FEATURE: The `/flip` command may now be used in races.
  • FEATURE: The `/vr all` command has been added for administrators.
  • FEATURE: `/show irc` has been added, and `/show ts` has been removed.
  • FEATURE: Oui FM radio has been removed, Generations Rap FR and Radio 10 have been added.
  • FEATURE: Various lasting commands have been disabled for temporary administrators.
  • FEATURE: People can now be slapped with a "Winniegun", whatever that is :)
  • FIX: Houses with the "Normal House (1)" location may now have an armour pickup again.
  • FIX: The original trailer must be delivered in the Delivery minigame in order to win it.
  • FIX: Picking up a dead person's money will not take your own money away again if they were in debt.
  • FIX: Gang leaders and managers are able to kick all people from the gang again.
  • FIX: Unregistered players will now always receive their property earnings in cash.
  • FIX: Unregistered players are now only allowed to borrow up to $10,000.
  • FIX: Vehicle passengers can no longer use `/jump`, unless they're an administrator.
  • FIX: The `/house goto` and `/race` commands are now much less prone to abuse.
  • FIX: The `/isolate` command has been fixed when a player respawns.
  • FIX: Nitro injection cannot be added to Quad bikes anymore.
  • MISC: House IDs have been added to admin notices for house mutations.
  • MISC: The `/forward` command is now implemented in JavaScript.
  • MISC: The `/pcmd` command has been removed.
  • MISC: Support for UDP-based echo broadcasting has been removed.
  • MISC: Support for logstash/ElasticSearch integration has been removed.

Many thanks to Xanland, Holsje and W1nn1e_HC for their contributions, and Halo for his continuous excellent testing.

There is one clarification I would like to make regarding disabling commands for temporary administrators. Our position continues to be that people who receive temporary administrator rights are trusted with the responsibilities that come with it, and they should be able to carry out in-game administrative duties just like any anyone else. There are, however, cases where they aren't in a position to have the knowledge, experience or necessary actions to make consistent decisions with the rest of us, and those we'd like to capture. 

Finally, this release also updates the versions of MySQL, v8 and Boost that we depend on, bringing in the latest security enhancements and capabilities.


LVP Discord server

posted by Beaner on Saturday, May the 2nd at 2:36 AM

Hey folks,

I'm glad to announce that we finally have an official LVP discord server. From what I've heard, multiple LVP discord servers exist, but there is only one official server as far as we're concerned. If you're interested, visit https://discord.sa-mp.nl to join.

We look forward to seeing you there!