LVP 46: Gang bank accounts, zoning and mentioning other players

posted by Lithirm on Friday, May the 29th at 5:35 PM
Hi all -

Another week, another release. Today we have the 46th major release of Las Venturas Playground for you!

This release brings lots of goodies for gangs. Firstly, we've changed the gang zone algorithm to use mean shift instead, which means that a few more are now showing up, with more accurate determination. Gangs further have been given a joint account, which can be used through /gbalance, /gbank and /gwithdraw. Gang leaders can configure who can withdraw funds with "/gang settings", and all of the gang's members can see the gang's financial transaction logs through "/gang transactions".

Also new in this release is a complete implementation of gang zone decorations, as part of our plan to make gang zones far more powerful. We're not yet ready to enable this by default, but will certainly be experimenting with it in the next bunch of days to smoothen out the rough edges, hopefully enabling us to release it with Las Venturas Playground 47! Let us know if there are objects that should really be available to gangs.

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Gangs now have access to a joint bank account, including access settings and transaction logs.
  • FEATURE: Gang zones are now determined with a Mean Shift algorithm.
  • FEATURE: Gang zones with VIP-owned houses in them now get an area bonus.
  • FEATURE: You can now @-mention other players in chat, which will play a beep for them.
  • FEATURE: Players will receive a personalized message when they own a gang zone.
  • FEATURE: It's now possible for the kill time feature to be started with custom weapons!
  • FEATURE: The new "/haystack" implementation has now replaced the original one. Hooray!
  • FEATURE: We won't know why Eagle_Force_One doesn't have an account, but they can now get some money with "/eaglecash".
  • FIX: An error will be shown when using "/r" to send a message to someone who has since disconnected.
  • FIX: Gang zones will now be displayed in the gang's selected colour.
  • FIX: Nuwani can now tell you when someone is in-game when using "!players Nickname"
  • FIX: Gunther will no longer make announcements when there aren't any players in-game.
  • FIX: Earnings for exports, deliveries, GTA Vehicles, minigames, vehicle export and wanted rewards have been increased.
  • ADMIN: Notices regarding temporary administrators will be sent to the #LVP.Crew IRC channel.
  • ADMIN: Exceptions to range bans are now available. Use "!rexception" on IRC for more details.
  • ADMIN: The "!setvalue" command is now able to accurately reflect colours.
  • ADMIN: The "/psay" command has been added for Management, by request of our dearest Luce.
  • STAGING: Accounts can now be created on the staging server by using "/register".
  • MISC: Spray tags have been moved to JavaScript in preparation for a themed LVP 47 release.
  • MISC: Our own pickup streamer has been removed in favour of Incognito's streamer.
  • MISC: Russell has received a personal gang zone around his house  O+ 

This release contains contributions from Russell, Holsje, Specifer and Xanland. Also many thanks to Beaner, Freakins and Sophia for filing issues on our GitHub page!