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Las Venturas Playground 17.7

posted by cake on Monday, October the 27th at 5:38 PM

So each update we are bringing small bugfixes or features, this time the following:
- solo racing is now possible (/race)
- removed the gamble permit feature
- some minor fixes

New Minigame!

posted by Jay on Sunday, October the 5th at 9:57 PM


Today I've made a minigame in the form of a filterscript (i.e. like Don't Get Wet) called Runaway Race!

The purpose of the race is to be the first person on foot to reach the checkpoint. However, there are a few obstacles along the way :)
I'm not going to give any hints away, but during testing it was really fun to play!

To play it: Go ingame and type /runrace.

Have fun!