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News archive of March 2010

This page contains the news items which were submitted in March 2010. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Introducing our newest slave, thiaZ!

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, March the 31st at 5:13 PM

It's been one week since the update, which means it's time for us to update again. I would like to start this blogpost with a welcome to thiaZ, our newest developer. thiaZ, welcome in our development team, and I hope you will enjoy it and make lots of commits!

We've done quite some stuff this week, of which we will give you a short summary.
Jay has added an adrenaline pill near his private car, which is a temporary pickup that speeds up your game, which gives your game a nice touch.
While Wesley and Matthias were busy with school, thiaZ, our new developer already made his first 2 commits. He rewrote the /sell command which now works way better. You can now use /sell all to sell all your properties with 11 keystrokes. thiaZ also added a function to the playerlist. If you want to see the stats of a connected player, you can now doubleclick on the player's name to get his information.

I have been working on fixing some bugs throughout the gamemode. The shiprail now returns after a killtime, I fixed /locate giving wrong messages when you were in a fightclub. Also, I've fixed a bug where you would get your signup money back twice, when there weren't enough signups for a race, so no more easy money! Also, the sweeper has been re-added ingame, so people who like to clean the streets and who would like to be a slave as thiaZ, the sweeper can be found somewhere in Las Venturas.

The full changelog for 2.91.18 can be found below:

* Added Adrenaline Pill (Jay)
* Fixed getting signup money back twice when no signups for race are there (Fireburn)
* Added /sell all, to sell all your properties at once (thiaZ)
* Added clicking on a player in tab, it now shows the player's stats (thiaZ)
* Rewrote /sell to give you some additional information (thiaZ)
* Fixed /locate when people are in fightclub giving wrong message about world (Fireburn)
* Added /permitted command for crew (Fireburn)
* Fixed shiprail not returning after killtime (Fireburn)
* Re-added the sweeper ingame! (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,

Joppe "Fireburn" Arnold

Turning Las Venturas into a ghost town, once again

posted by Matthias on Wednesday, March the 24th at 5:27 PM


Yet another week has passed, and yet another update has come. Jay has fixed another issue with the SaveHandler, which is now slowly beginning to work as we wanted it to a few months ago. Jay also added some features. Detonation bombs now support multiple vehicles, and /fight invite shows the amount of rounds now.

Fireburn has worked on enhancing the vehicle layout. The layout was too heavy for players with low-end systems, so we decided to delete quite a few vehicles in Las Venturas. This is a small enhancement, we are planning to implement a complete new layout in our new mainversion, which will be announced later. We hope that players who encountered FPS lag will have less problems now. Fireburn also fixed an annoying bug for regulars where hints wouldn't go away, and he fixed a bug in /my stats.

I added some new hints for unregistered players and players with less than 20 ingame hours, enhanced the /p id handofgod command, to make it work better for finding cheaters. I also added a message to /locate, so that it now shows if a player is currently in a /fight or not.

The full changelog for version 2.91.17:

* Fixed an issue with the SaveInfo not restoring for people who don't have saved skins (Jay)
* Detonation bombs at the bombshop now support multiple vehicles (Jay)
* /fight invite now shows the amount of rounds (Jay)
* Fixed a minor internal problem with countdown bombs (Jay)
* Added some hints (Matthias)
* /p id handofgod now drops people from a smaller height (Matthias)
* /locate now shows if a player is duelling. (Matthias)
* Enhanced vehicle layout to reduce FPS lag (Fireburn)
* Fixed a bug with the hint system (Fireburn)
* Fixed a bug in /my stats (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,

Hints will no longer work against you!

posted by Matthias on Wednesday, March the 17th at 5:36 PM


Another week has passed, so it's update time again! We couldn't exactly do as promised in the previous blogpost (make a lot of new features), since most of the developers have been busy with things in real life.

We managed to fix a few annoying bugs though. Fireburn fixed the bug where /gangs could show up empty gangs, I fixed the bug where regular players would get a Hint textdraw in the login room, that wouldn't disappear. Next to these bugs I also managed to fix a few other bugs.

A changelog of the new version (2.91.16) can be found below:

* Fixed a small !giveplayeradmin and !giveplayermod problem. (Matthias)
* Fixed renaming a property not setting the property label properly. (Matthias)
* Fixed a small /p id weapons bug. (Matthias)
* Fixed the bug where regulars would get the Hint in the loginroom. (Matthias)
* Fixed a bug where /gangs would show empty gangs (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,


Silence after the storm and Silence before the storm

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, March the 10th at 5:42 PM

Another week has passed, which means that it is time for the weekly writeup of the Development Team.

After two weeks with quite some fixes and enhancements to the gamemode, this week we haven't got a lot of updates to show you. We've worked on some fixes for a few commands, enhanced a few things here and there, and fixed a few typo's, but other than that there isn't much we can tell you about.
The members of the development team have been busy with other tasks, such as school and work.

However, we aim to give you some cool updates for next week. We are planning on improvements for the train system, we have some more bugs to fix, and we are still planning on changing our vehicle layout. We have had our internal discussions in the development team, and we have a plan of what we want to do to enhance the layout. I will be working on this in the coming week, and I hope that the new layout will be online either next week or in two weeks. Next to that, we want to add more features for more fun ingame, so stay tuned for our next update.

A changelog of the new version (2.91.15) can be found below:

* Fixed robbery chat showing up twice. (Matthias)
* Fixed long personal message not showing to the receiver (Fireburn)
* Fixed some textual mistakes and typos (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,

Joppe "Fireburn" Arnold

Time for a much needed rule

posted by Richard on Monday, March the 8th at 12:41 AM

As most of you will know, the amount of people shiplaming has been increasing by the passing day. Annoyed as we all got, we decided it was time for a new rule, a rule against shiplaming.

Everyone has their own description of what shiplaming exactly is. Let me explain how we see it and show you what will and what will not be allowed.

Shiplaming can be explained in several ways.
A player that has been in a gunfight, this means both parties shooting at each other, is not allowed to run on the ship to avoid death.
Leaving the ship, shooting someone / throwing a grenade and getting back on the ship is also considered shiplaming and thus isn't allowed.
Standing on the shiprail waiting to get shot is also included, if you need to idle on the ship for a minute, move away from the rail. This also goes for standing against the rail, just outside the ship.

Something that is allowed would be going on the ship on low health after winning a fight. However, this doesn't mean you can sneak out of a fight with multiple people if you happen to finish one of them off.

As I'm sure we'll have enough people breaking this rule, there has to be punishment for it.
If you're caught doing it the first time you will be jailed. Second time you'll be kicked. If you continue doing it after a kick you will be banned for 3 days. Repeated bans for this in the future will cause your bantime to double.
Note that you may be kicked at once if you were jailed before on several occasions. This is up to the crewmember dealing with the situation.

The rule will be effective immediately.

On behalf of the LVP Management,


Another update; some fixes and a VIP feature

posted by Wesley on Wednesday, March the 3rd at 3:22 PM

And it's Wednesday again. We're a little early this week, but it's time for another gamemode update.

For all the VIPs out there, this update is good news. From now on you will have access to restricted vehicles, formerly known as admin vehicles, being the Hunters and the Hydras. Of course this sounds like a lot of fun, but you're not supposed to fly up to the strip and shoot an entire gang down with the Hunters build-in minigun. You're allowed to shoot each other in a virtual world, or just fly around without doing any damage in the main world. Be sure to follow the rules, or your access to the vehicles will be removed. This system is linked to the other VIP features, like VIP mod, so make sure you don't lose our trust.

The other things that have been done this week are mostly bug fixes and tweaks for crew commands. The ship-coordinates have been fixed, the annoying bug with empty lines showing up every now and then in the chat has been resolved and the SaveInfo handler now supports jail.

A full changelog for this week's update can be found below:

• Added /p id resetspawnweapons for crew members. (Matthias)
• /nuke now supports names. (Matthias)
• Fixed a param bug in /pm. (Matthias)
• Fixed a small ship-coordinates bug. (Matthias)
• Fixed the SaveInfo handler not recognizing jail. (Jay)
• Fixed /settings. (Matthias)
• Fixed the emtpy line appearing in the chat every minute (Matthias)
• Admins can now use commands in /fight. (Matthias)
• Fixed sometimes /v id explode not working with moving vehicles. (Matthias)
• VIP''s and moderators can now use admin vehicles. (Wesley)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Wesley Lancel