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News archive of August 2020

This page contains the news items which were submitted in August 2020. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Back to a role based management

posted by Holsje on Saturday, August the 29th at 1:01 AM

Hello everybody,

Today I'm happy to share we've gotten to a new role based management system, much like we used to have in the past. This in order to losen the pressure that's been on Russell's shoulders lately.

The new roles will be fulfilled as following:

Community Manager (Holsje / Xilent) Available

  • First in line for written feedback about players and the server.
  • Works closely with the marketing manager, managing the Forums, Discord IRC and any other social media outlets.
  • Monitors sentiment among the players. Makes sure that frequent concerns, complaints and problems are appriopriately relayed to other managers.

Crew Manager (Holsje)

  • First in line for written feedback about administrators.
  • Lead administrator, sets policies and resolves issues amongst administrators.
  • Monitors sentiment among administrators. Makes sure that frequent concerns, complaints and problems are appriopriately relayed to other managers.

Development Manager (Russell)

  • Ensuring that Las Venturas Playground is available.
  • Ensuring that critical issues are resolved in a minimum amount of time, and releases happen with minimal disruption after testing on the staging environment.
  • Ensuring that the server continues to evolve based on feedback from players, administrators and there own vision.

General Manager (Russell) Available

  • Ensuring coherence among the management team.
  • Monitoring of sentiment across players, administrators and Managers, picks up on trends and proactively actions on them.
  • Monitoring of comparable SA-MP servers to identify competition and opportunities.

Marketing Manager (Xilent / Ricky)

  • Responsible for management of the forums, Discord, IRC and other social media outlets, including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ensuring that the platforms stay fresh and innovate —try out new things and collaborate with players and administrators on driving them forward
  • Driving (or helping out with) events on the server.

Radio Manager (Optional / Available)

  • Development of policies and rosters in maintaining LVP Radio, and ensuring that people who want to stream, are able to stream.
  • Ensuring that LVP Radio stays fresh and innovative —healthy mix of music styles, listening to and responding to player feedback, advertisements.


What does that mean for you?

Not much will change besides you knowing whom to go to with certain issues. Best will stay to create a ticket on discord or a topic on the forums. If needed an administrator can always redirect this to the respective manager.

- You have an issue with another player or crew member?
You'll first try and talk it out with said person. If this does not bear any fruit then you can either create a topic in the Complaints section, create a new ticket on Discord or messaging the respective manager.

- You want to host a cool event on LVP?
Feel free to do so, if you're not sure about it or need some help you can either create a topic on the forums, create a new ticket on discord or contact the marketing manager.

- You would like to make the LVP radio happen again?
Feel free to create a ticket on discord or open a topic on the forums. We'll see what we can do from there.

- You have an issue with one of the specific managers?
As always, you should first try to resolve this with the person yourself. If this is not working out you can always create a ticket and mention that you request to be helped out by somebody else.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,


Concerning Finisher

posted by Xilent on Sunday, August the 23rd at 11:39 PM

Hi all -[/font]

We're sad to share with you that it has been decided that Finisher will no longer be an Administrator on Las Venturas Playground. This decision wasn't taken lightly, but based on various analysis, the voice of the community and multiple discussions we had to make this decission. We will not disclose all the details that led to this decision.

[font=Verdana]We would like to sincerely thank Finisher for his contributions and efforts made to the Las Venturas Playground community. He's been a real asset as a fighting administrator. And although he may be leaving our crew, he'll remain more than welcome on our server and forums.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,[/font]

An update on our community guidelines

posted by Ricky92 on Friday, August the 21st at 1:11 PM

Hi all -

Today, I'm pleased to share two changes that will help us maintain our community guidelines.

Firstly, gang conversations are no longer visible to administrators who are part of a gang themselves. In-game gang conversations are an excellent tool to strategize your matches and call for help, but its value diminishes when your opponents are able to read it. With most of our administrators being part of a gang, this created an unfair situation that's now been rectified.

Following this change, your conversations will be visible to your members and the owner of the SETI @ Home property. Administrators who are not part of a gang, as well as the Management, continue to be able to read your conversations. Buying the gang encryption will still make it unable for the owner of the SETI @ Home property to read your gang chat.

This further means that we'll relax enforcement of rules in gang conversations. Administrators are not here to police the server, and gang conversations are already excluded from mutes. Racism, discrimination and highly inappropriate insults continue to be disallowed, as is the case across all our services.

Secondly, we're aware of an increase in the number of people who've felt uncomfortable in our community. I want to reiterate that bullying, intimidation, manipulation, discrimination and harassment have no place on Las Venturas Playground. We have reached out to a number of people who have contributed to this situation, and we will be stricter in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment going forward.


LVP 53: Nuwani on Discord, fixes and many clean-ups

posted by Xilent on Thursday, August the 13th at 5:19 PM

Hi all -[/font]

The largest change in this release, that most of you won't care about, is that we completely rewrote our command system. We can now amend access rights for any of our commands, add exceptions as we like, and measure their usage far more efficiently. The system is fully tested and documented, like most of our code.

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: JavaScript commands are now powered by an entirely new backend.
  • FEATURE: Participation in any fighting game on our new infrastructure will now share statistics with you.
  • FEATURE: Nuwani now has the ability to connect to Discord! We're currently testing its reliability.
  • FEATURE: Mentioning @Nuwani on Discord will now award you with.. a wee token of appreciation.
  • FEATURE: An experimental "/scanall" command has been implemented, to show status for all players.
  • FEATURE: Fights created through "/match" can now give participants any number of lives.
  • FEATURE: Many fighting games have been converted to be powered by our JavaScript infrastructure.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Access rights for all commands can now be amended using "/lvp access".
  • IMPROVEMENT: See available benefits on the server through the new "/benefits" command.
  • IMPROVEMENT: A "/discord" command has been added to show you how to join our server.
  • IMPROVEMENT: It's now possible for the "/fancy" command to turn you in to a shark.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Various new scrambled words have been added to our inventory.
  • FIX: Using match shorthand commands such as "/sniper" will now default to starting the match.
  • FIX: Free games will now have a more concise announcement message on the server.
  • FIX: Awarding negative bounties will now give a more descriptive error message.
  • FIX: Continuous games will now let you know when other players join or leave the game.
  • FIX: Crushing vehicles will now award you a larger sum of money, more in line with our actual economy.
  • FIX: Various vehicles cannot be saved as house vehicles anymore, through a block list.
  • FIX: The "/whois" and "/whereis" commands have been restricted to permanent administrators.
  • FIX: An experimental fix for the desync that happens when killing someone with a knife is included.
  • FIX: Various new benefits for VIPs have been listed in the "/vip" command.
  • FIX: The "/guide" command won't let you know about "/weapons" anymore, which is now freely available.
  • MISC: We're experimenting with having the ability to watch any minigame, e.g. "/haystack watch".
  • MISC: All our commands now have descriptions, allowing for automation of "/commands" & co.
  • MISC: A series of clean-ups have kicked our Playground feature up to standards again.

[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Xilent