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News archive of October 2015

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LVP 24.2 - Open Source, JavaScript and fewer bugs

posted by Russell on Sunday, October the 18th at 6:38 PM

Today we're very pleased to announce the release of Las Venturas Playground 24.2. This release brings a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements (less lag!) and a few new commands.

Open Source
Before diving in to the in-game changes, we're also very happy to announce that Las Venturas Playground is now largely open source. We have uploaded our gamemode to GitHub, which, for this release, exists of 81,283 lines of Pawn code spread over 382 files, as well as our MySQL, Zone Manager, echo and JSON plugins. We anticipate open sourcing our Pawn pre-compiler and the Pawn Editor in the next few weeks.

Additionally, we have chosen to switch to JavaScript as the language of choice for new features. We wrote a JavaScript plugin and have started designing the JavaScript part of our gamemode. It's not much yet, but we're certainly super excited about it.

Issues may now be filed on GitHub, but we're most happy to accept your change proposals as well. For those that used Trac before - we'll retire this shortly.

Of course, this is not everything that changed in this release. To give you an idea of some of the other changes that happened:

- Implemented /my time for VIPs
- Improvements to the Rivershell minigame
- The event timer has been increased from 15 to 20 seconds allowing more time to join minigames
- Changed the minimum of required players to 3 for all Hide And Seek minigame locations
- Fixed an issue where by points would not show up in drift races
- Fixed an issue where by "* The Soliders have won the Island DM!" text would display out of the blue
- Added "(message)" after the commercial at (@), in the dialog executed by /cmds or /commands
- Updated dialogues have been created for /help, /rules and /irc
- Various improvements to crew commands
- Removed the old vehicle export icon which is no longer in use
- Many code optimizations

LVP 24.2 is now running on play.sa-mp.nl:7777. Hope to see you there!