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News archive of August 2007

This page contains the news items which were submitted in August 2007. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Las Venturas Playground 2.8

posted by Peter on Friday, August the 31st at 10:27 PM

Good afternoon!

With the release of San Andreas Multiplayer 0.2.2, it's quite obvious that we had to update to this new version. In order to bring you all the new features as soon as possible, we've upgraded the Las Venturas Playground server to version 2.8 of the gamemode now. As with every new version, this brings a big set of new features. To give you a small overview;

  • A totally renewed property system.
  • Regular players get access to a clock-system.
  • Added 7 new player skins to the class selection.
  • You can now export up to three vehicles at the same time!
  • Gravity / time control in player-created worlds.
  • Your weapons get removed when you're on the Pirate Ship.
  • Added the ability to ignore other players (chat/pm!)
  • Regulars can toggle news/join/leave messages on and off.
  • The jail-handlers have been majorly improved with way increased accuracy.
  • The jail has been turned into an island rather than cells.
  • You get your properties returned if you crash!
  • A revenge-menu pops up if you get heli-killed.
  • Stunt bonusses added for regular players.
  • Calling other players now opens up your cellphone.
  • And over 50 other changes, features and bugfixes!

Next to this gamemode update, we've also increased the player limit of Las Venturas Playground again. A total of 150 players can now join LVP at the same time, increasing your potential victims even more and making the minigames even more exciting. Also, all moderators on the server have been promoted to Administrators due to a change in our organization. As usual, please report all bugs you can find in the forums meant for that, or visit us on IRC (#LVP on irc.gtanet.com)!

Have fun playing on the renewed Las Venturas Playground!
The Las Venturas Playground Management

San Andreas Multiplayer 0.2.2

posted by Peter on Wednesday, August the 29th at 9:52 PM

A few minutes ago, the San Andreas Multiplayer team has released version 0.2.2. New features include synched head-movements, a bunch of added skins and you're capable of phoning other people. Offcourse, Las Venturas Playground has an gamemode update hanging around using these new features.

We will update the server soonish, on a moment that as little players as possible have any inconvenience of the update. The new, updated gamemode will be included in this update, so you will be able to use the new features as soon as possible. We've listed a list of changes in the quote below here, also check the SA-MP website and forums for more information about this release. 

  • Player head movement sync added. Player's characters will look in the direction their camera is looking.
  • A new cellphone action enables players to hold a cellphone and look like they're on a call.
  • New usable skins; Tenpenny, Pulaski, Hernandez, Ryder, Smoke, Sweet, Mafia Boss.
  • Bandwidth and ped sync improvements. 0.2.2 will consume less server bandwidth than 0.2.1.
  • Fixed bug with setting player colors of players 100,101,102.
  • Increased timeouts to prevent connection loss.
  • Decreased CPU time required to process vehicles on the client.
  • Fixed animation problem with fire hydrant and spray can.
  • Fixed nametags with no player issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the client wasn't displaying "You are banned", "Server is full." messages.
  • Included SQLite database-functions native in the SA-MP Server.
  • Stunt Bonusses have returned and are now toggle-able per player.
  • Increased the pickup-limit to a total of 400 pickups.
  • Increase of the server-sided text-draw pool from 96 draws to a total of 1024.
  • Huge increase in the FPS (frames per second) count.
  • Weapons spawned by GTA:SA removed (e.g. the fire extinguisher).
  • Created a single new loading-screen for San Andreas: Multiplayer.
  • Procedural geometry like trees and plants around San Andreas have returned.
  • Line-of-Sight testing for nametags: no more build-in wallhack!
  • The SA-MP Anti-Cheat systems have been majorly enhanced.
  • Various smaller plugin and scripting features and enhancements.

SA-MP AntiCheat

With the come of this new version, the San Andreas Multiplayer team has released a new version of their anti-cheat. All persons played on anti-cheat protected servers while cheating will loose all their privileges of playing on many large servers, with no chance for an unban, including on Las Venturas Playground. The Anti-Cheat created by the team is fail-safe, this means that if you get banned, it's 100% certain that you have been cheating. Think about this if you are considering to try cheats, it might ruin more then you like. Click here for more information.

See you around on Las Venturas Playground 2.80 and SA-MP 0.2.2!

The Las Venturas Playground Management

Las Venturas Playground Server Move

posted by Peter on Tuesday, August the 21st at 5:24 PM

For the last 276 days, starting on the 18th of November last year, we've been stressing our current Mobile Sempron CPU to the limits, resulting in a lagfest at busy times on Las Venturas Playground. After some discussions with GTA-Host, we've come to to the conclusion that there's only one proper way of solving these problems: moving to a new server.

A couple of days ago, GTA-Host has presented us with a new, shiney Xeon server to cover the ever-growing needs of the LVP Server. The Management has worked quite hard to get it ready, and we're now at a point that the move can start happening. The new IP of Las Venturas Playground will be : 7777, with an increased player limit resulting in a total of 125 player slots!

Next to that, our developers have worked very hard lately to present you with the latest version of our gamemode. With alot of bugfixes and new features, version 2.75 of Las Venturas Playground will be waiting for you on the new server (Changelog)! The server move will happen later today, we're currently finishing the latest bits related to moving.

Thank you for playing on Las Venturas Playground,

The Las Venturas Playground Management

Server problems

posted by Rico on Saturday, August the 4th at 7:45 PM

Dear LVP Players,

At this moment there're a few problems with Las Venturas Playground, the server keeps crashing with the Las Venturas Playground gamemode.
Badeend and Nakebod are currently investigating the problems.

We will keep you posted on new developments.

Las Venturas Playground Management