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News archive of October 2008

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Further progress on Las Venturas Playground 2.90

posted by Jay on Tuesday, October the 14th at 4:35 PM

As we are a few weeks further into development, Las Venturas Playground v2.90 has been making excellent progress. Even though we are closer to finishing 2.90 than we where last week, we still have a lot more to do.

There have been quite a few of the classic features from Las Venturas Playground re-introduced in 2.90, such as, The fort carson medical centre and shooting place property flags, the airport customs tax and gate, and the Ship Team Deathmatch minigame.

Below you can find a list of some interesting features that will be included in 2.90:

  • An object & map system. 2.90 has a new object handler allowing us to manage objects on a virtual world basis, and add many new mapped areas, from stunt zones to crazy jumps and many more interesting suprizes.

  • Protected areas in Las Venturas Playground, such as Area 51, now launches a
    Semi Active Surface to air Missile if you fly over it (SAM).

  • Bomb shop synced. The bomb shops located in Las Venturas and Los Santos are now fully synced and allow the player to choose many different bombs and explosion styles.

  • Hidden packages. Las Venturas Playground has many hidden packages scattered around the city, along with a special prize for whoever finds them all!

  • New vehicle improvements. Las Venturas Playground 2.90 has a brand new vehicle layout, with new features to vehicles such as speedometers, random vehicle spawns, drifting scores, high speed bonuses and vehicle damage indicators.

  • Many new commands! There are lots of new, different, commands for our players to have fun with and experience.

  • Anti-laming system. There is nothing worse than being in a fight with someone and they teleport away. In 2.90, this will not be possible! There are also anti ship fighting systems in place, anti ramp abuse, and anti v-allow abuse systems.

  • Taxi code rewritten. The taxi system has always been a popular aspect of LVP. A new taxi system is in place which includes taxi arrival times and realistic features such as scaring the taxi driver of if you shoot!

  • Many new property flags, from Las Venturas Airport allowing control over the airport gates and custom tax, to Area 51 controlling SAMS.

  • Lots of new minigames. From classic SA:MP games such as Rivershell and Minigun madness, to new 2.90 minigames such as deagle fights, Local Yocal and Capture the briefcase.

  • New bank options. The proper usage of ATM machines introduced and new bank account upgrades.

  • Vehicle export improvements. Along with the possibility to actually import vehicles as well,
    the value of the vehicle when exporting it now depends on the damage the vehicle has, along with each
    indivdual export vehicle having an indivdual value.

These are just some of the new features of Las Venturas Playground 2.90. We are developing many more features, bug fixes, and improvements of different things throughout LVP and SA:MP. There is likely to be a public beta in the future to test for stability and bugs, so stay tuned to irc and the forums for details.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
2.x Lead developer