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News archive of May 2012

This page contains the news items which were submitted in May 2012. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


Area69 Anti Cheat - Update:24/05/12

posted by Jay on Saturday, May the 19th at 3:36 PM

LVP is now running a slightly modified script which uses the Area69 SA-MP Cheater Blacklist.

More information: http://a69blacklist.com/

This move will help reduce the number of cheaters on the server and make it easier for crew members to catch them.


We've been in touch with A69 and have now been flagged as one of their trusted servers. We will be adding automatic bans (weapon cheats / teleport cheats) to their database when detected from 2.94.11 onwards. Unlucky cheaters :)

Matrix_Smith and Beaner have been promoted to administrator!

posted by Joeri on Friday, May the 11th at 3:57 PM

For those that haven't noticed it yet, Las Venturas Playground has 2 new administrators, Beaner and Matrix_Smith have been promoted just 18 hours ago. They have been selected by the the Las Venturas Playground crew to join in.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground crew members, I would like to congratulate Beaner and Matrix_Smith on their promotion!

An introduction interview with both.

What kind of player are you, which aspects of the server do you like the most?
Beaner: I normally take part in everything other than Deathmatch. Although, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming iDM feature. I generally roam around, stunt, play minigames, cruise and just have fun.

Matrix_Smith: I'm a player that likes to have fun. I'm not a very competitive player, so I don't do much DM.

I see you are in a clan. How long have you been in it? Does the gang life suit you?
Matrix_Smith: I've been in the SM clan for about a month now. It's supposed to be a fun gang, so not much DM'ing and fighting. I do enjoy it though.

What other games do you enjoy? Do you use any other LVP services?
Matrix_Smith: I've played tons of other games, but at the moment I mostly play on LVP.

Beaner: I enjoy many games, but I've been playing a game called  "GunZ : The Duel" for nearly 7 years, which I thoroughly enjoy. Apart from that, I play Repulse, L4D2, MW3, BF3 and Team Fortress 2 occasionally. I don't use any other LVP services apart from SA-MP, but I might  start playing Minecraft on LVM sometime soon.

How did you discover the LVP community?
Beaner: LVP was my first server ever. Before I joined LVP, I wasn't even aware about SA-MP. A friend of mine had forced me to give it a try, and I really enjoyed it. That's how it started.

Matrix_Smith: I found it a long time ago. I just joined a random server and it turned out to be LVP. Once I got the taste of it I came back for more.

Do you have a nice newbie story for us?
Beaner: Apart from falling for the /q  joke, I can't think anything else right now!

Matris_Smith: Yes, but I forgot :)

What happened the first time you joined LVP?
Beaner: I was new to SA-MP as a whole, so more than understanding LVP's features, I really liked how the game was transformed by a multiplayer mod. I had only come with the intention to play once, due to my  friend, but then I started enjoying and so I continued. There were a lot of nice players around, who helped me understand the server better.

Matrix_Smith: I remember having a good time. Buying properties, trying to get rich. I remember everyone being friendly and helping me out.

Now you have been promoted, what would you like to say to the LVP community?
Matrix_Smith: I'd like to thank the ones that supported me and helped me out over the last couple of years and I will do my best to serve.

Beaner: Like it would be for anyone else, it was very surprising. I'd just like to thank the LVP Management and Crew for giving me this opportunity.

On behalf of the LVP Management,

SA-MP 0.3e

posted by Jay on Tuesday, May the 8th at 11:54 AM

We've just updated the main server to SA-MP 0.3e. You must download the new client from the below link in order to play:

>> Download SA-MP 0.3e

You cannot connect to the server without updating to this new version.

You will not notice any major changes in the gamemode at this time and none of the new cool 0.3e features are yet being used. However, LVP 2.94.11 is in development and will be released soon which will have some new 0.3e features. You can read more information and track progress of it in our Development Blog.

If you have any problems updating please feel free to respond to this topic where help will be given.