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News archive of February 2010

This page contains the news items which were submitted in February 2010. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


New management member and an updated task

posted by Richard on Sunday, February the 28th at 11:17 PM

After managing the crew on my own for almost 2 years, I decided it was time for some fresh meat. FiXeR and Harry will be helping me out with the various tasks of managing the Las Venturas Playground Staff.

FiXeR has been a Management member for a very long time already, but didn't have a task associated with himself. Harry, on the other hand, is the newest member of the Management, even though he was welcomed into our private IRC channels a couple of months ago. He has been part of our crew for almost a year. Something noteworthy about Harry probably is the fact that he's not a Dutchman, different from the rest of the Management. I truly hope he will shed a different light on matters and open up perspectives I would have missed without his input.

We've already been creating some plans to make our job a little easier. Nothing which you, as a player, will notice, but it will strongly benefit our jobs, which will result in a cleaner administration process. Eventually this will benefit your experience on Las Venturas Playground.

Congratulations to you both and I'm looking forward to work with you!

On behalf of the LVP Management,

Ending the sequence of epic failures

posted by Wesley on Thursday, February the 25th at 3:35 PM

After being a player on Las Venturas Playground for over two and a half years and a member of our staff for a little more than two years, TEF has decided to leave us.

After being in-game for almost 2900 hours, dying 24,103 times and banning over 9000 players, TEF has come to the conclusion that he doesn't enjoy the game as much as he did before, and that he can't afford spending as much time on Las Venturas Playground as he used to.

We would like to award our one and only Total Epic Failure with an official LVP Appreciation Award and thank him for everything he has done for the community.

Justin, thanks for everything! You will be missed.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management and Crew,
Wesley Lancel

Matthias got punched in the face!

posted by Matthias on Wednesday, February the 24th at 5:11 PM

Update time again! We've been concentrating on fixing annoying bugs this week.

I've fixed a couple of problems with the NPCs and a few with /fight. The ship coordinates are correct again too. I also added a check for people (ab)using the trains to avoid being kicked by the idlekicker.

Jay fixed a lot of Lyse issues. added a map icon to the Fight Club and implemented a new spawnroom for new players. He also rewrote the countdown system due to a few problems. And, last but certainly not least, another SaveHandler issue has been fixed! You now no longer spawn at the escalators after reconnecting within 10 minutes.

The full changelog:

* NPC quit messages now work properly. (Matthias)
* NPCs now no longer get promoted to regular players. (Matthias)
* Fixed the ship boundaries. (Matthias)
* Players now get kicked for idling in trains. (Matthias)
* Fixed some minor /fight bugs. (Matthias)
* Got punched in the face (Matthias)
* Fixed skin mix ups in Lyse (Jay)
* Fixed spawning at escalators after reconnecting within 10 minutes (Jay)
* Added a map icon at the FightClub location (Jay)
* Added a new spawn room for new players (Jay)
* Fixed problems with Lyse spamming end messages (Jay)
* Rewrote the countdown due to some problems (Jay)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development team,


Las Venturas Playground 2.91 Build 12 Now Live!

posted by Grove on Wednesday, February the 17th at 8:06 PM

Another week, another update. This week the development team's main focus has been the FightClub system.

We've expanded the FightClub by adding an optional round count per fight. We've also added new statistics, changed some prices and messages, and improved the score calculating.

Along with that we've created a new tip system. For new players, a message will show every few minutes explaining a feature of LVP, making it that one touch easier.

Some other bug fixes include issues with the bombshop, bounties / fights with NPCs, anti ship fight detections and more.

We've been discussing changes to the vehicle layout along with other vehicle features and come to the decision to redo Las Venturas' vehicle placements, disabling random spawns for houses and garages, while allowing vehicles in car parks and roadsides to randomly change, adding more realism into the gameplay. You'll hear more about this soon.

A list of changes:

    * Added a Hint system (Matthias)
    * Ship punch improvements (Jay)
    * Bombshop fixes (Jay)
    * Enhances to /me (Jay)
    * FightClub improvements (Jay)
    * Minor fix to bounties (Jay)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,

The SaveHandler saves the day!

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, February the 10th at 7:57 PM

It's time for the new weekly update from the Development team. This week we've worked on the new version, Las Venturas Playground 2.91.11. This version fixes quite a few annoying bugs that have been ingame for quite a time already.

We have been working hard on fixing the final bugs in the savehandler. We managed to trace out the bug which would give you the wrong spawnweapons, and we have fixed it. Also, a few other bugs have been done in the spawnweaponhandler, preventing you to have two spawnweapons in one slot, overriding each other. Also the bug where you would sometimes have a wrong color after your color has been set temporary by an admin has been fixed.

We have also tweaked a few things inside the gamemode. First of all we have added messages for the player in /lang and /unmute, so you actually know that you are muted and unmuted now. Also, we added /p id spam, so players can be warned easily when they spam the mainchat. Matthias has been working on tweaking /fight. The minigame now has boundaries, so you won't be able to run away in a fight anymore.

You have probably wondered where the new car-layout topic was this week. Due to some circumstances we will start the poll this week. Watch the forums, Twitter and the site to stay up to date.

The complete changelog of the new version is here:

* /fight now has boundaries. (Matthias)
* Fixed tempmods still having orange color after reconnect (Fireburn)
* Fixed typo in /ramping (Fireburn)
* Fixed robbery chat not showing in .echo (Fireburn)
* Fixed message of DM champion (Fireburn)
* Fixed typo in /cruise announcement (Fireburn)
* Added /p id spam (Fireburn)
* Fixed /lang and /unmute not showing messages (Fireburn)
* Fix for savehandler giving wrong spawnweaps (Fireburn)
* Fix for /unmute messages (Fireburn)
* Fix for double-slot-spawnweapons (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Joppe "Fireburn" Arnold

Discontinuing TeamSpeak2, over and out

posted by Sander on Thursday, February the 4th at 9:36 PM

It has been a while since we started with our TeamSpeak2 server. Over the past few years it was the home base for voice communication, mainly between LVP members. However, in December 2009 the long awaited TeamSpeak3 server and client arrived with the start of the open beta. Since the public availability of this new TeamSpeak3 beta we've been running a TeamSpeak3 beta server next to our normal TeamSpeak2 server. This beta has been considered stable enough for our needs so therefore we're announcing that our TeamSpeak2 server will be shut down this Friday afternoon.

Because TeamSpeak3 is still in development it could be necessary to update your client a few times until the stable version comes out. Your TeamSpeak3 client will inform you when there is a client update available.
Download TeamSpeak3 now, and visit us at

On behalf of the LVP Management,
Sander Rutten

Major changes up ahead, moving steadily forwards for now...

posted by Wesley on Wednesday, February the 3rd at 4:18 PM

It's time for yet another update from the Development team. Last week we launched Las Venturas Playground 2.91.9 with quite some new features, and this week it's time for version 2.91.10.

This new version of our gamemode features a few bug fixes and tweaks. The interior handler has been improved, fixing a few bugs and adding some features. We have tweaked the cruise command, so more people will join a cruise. Also, we have enhanced our ship handler with a few functions.

So where's the new features? Unfortunately there aren't any this week. We have been working on some larger things which are planned for futher releases. This includes an improved object handler, which will allow use to create some new maps with more objects. Furthermore, a discussion will be launched this week, concerning the vehicle layout of Las Venturas Playground. We want to have a better set of vehicles in Las Venturas, and you can decide which vehicles you will be driving in future versions.

Of course we'll keep fixing any bugs that are on our list or that you may find.

You can find a complete list of changes in 2.91.10 below:

- Added FCrules and swearing into /rules (Richard)
- /cruise enhancements (Fireburn)
- Enhancements to interior handler (Fireburn)
- Moved all of the cruise stuff to one file (Matthias)
- Ship-punches now get reset every 4 minutes. (Matthias)
- Fixed some small typos, cleaned up some stuff (Matthias)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Wesley Lancel