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News archive of March 2008

This page contains the news items which were submitted in March 2008. Clicking on the title of a news message will bring you to a separate page allowing you to comment, share or rate the message. Twitter messages will also be visible here.


New LVP Website

posted by Nakebod on Monday, March the 24th at 9:56 PM

Dear slaves.. eh, players!

After a long time of silence, we have picked up working on our new website again.
Our LVP VIP members could see the new website for several long months now, and since then it has become a little bit silent around it.
Way to silent.

Until today!
We are ready to present you our new website, www.sa-mp.nl.
This is a fresher looking website with more usefull information on it.
The first idea was to launch it together with LVP 3.0, but as you know LVP 3.0 isn't here yet.
But to release a little bit "LVP 3.0", you can now view our new website!

Be sure you check out all the pages! It contains LVP 3.0 spoilers :)

In the future the website will become a more important place for LVP 3.0.
You are able to manage various things from the website.
More details about this will follow as soon as we are ready to show.

Have fun, and enjoy surfing!

LVP New Website - Discussion Topic

Sander "Nakebod" Rutten

Downtime 16 March

posted by Peter on Sunday, March the 16th at 8:02 PM

Good evening all,

As you probably have noticed, the websites and forums have just returned after a long downtime of seventeen hours. At exactly 2:32 AM this morning, a very large part of the servers hosted at the We-Dare datacentre lost power after a series of smaller downtimes over the past few months. Although the exact reasons of the downtime haven't been published yet, they managed to get the larger part of the servers online again about four hours later.

The Las Venturas Playground webserver however, officially named "Nishino", did not return. A number of e-mails were sent to inform them of this problem, and luckily they were capable of solving it just a few minutes ago. The boot-loader of our server, for which we use the grub software, had failed and needed to be reconfigured. The webhosting company reprogrammed the software and it booted nicely again, resulting in you reading this message.

Currently Nakebod and myself are starting the remaining services on the server so everything works nicely again. Registrations will be available again in a few minutes. A thanks goes out to Chris from REDUNIX for fixing the grub boot-loader.

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Peter Beverloo

Status Update

posted by Pugwipe on Saturday, March the 8th at 5:47 PM

Since the start of the development process a few weeks ago, LVP 3.0 is slowly but steadily taking shape. A lot of features have been completed, while others are being worked on. For instance, both the class selection screen and the spawn handler are functioning properly, but most notably perhaps, there's an awesome new vehicle manager which allows admins to create, modify and save vehicles on-the-fly.

Also, the Pirate Ship handler is nearly finished, with new ways to prevent ship laming and such. Besides the usual no-weapon policy on the ship itself, people shooting towards the ship will instantly have their weapons disabled for a while. Additionally, there's a new shiprail-ish set of objects to prevent vehicles from entering the ramp, only now you won't have to climb over it all the time!

Currently the development team is working on features such as weapon dealers, a new and improved property system, various donator features, as well as a virtual world handler for those who like to distance themselves from the main world. That being said, the overall gamemode is still nowhere near completion, but for now we're making good progress.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,