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News archive of August 2015

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LVP 23.2 Launched. Lots of changes and improvements.

posted by Lucy on Monday, August the 24th at 4:50 PM

The new gamemode LVP 23.2 has been launched!



As you might have noticed, last Saturday our lead developer cake has launched the new installment of the LVP gamemode. A nice upgrade/feature has been added to the gamemode and we're happy to announce that all the DM minigames are now fixed from their previous bugs!

This isn't the only thing we've been working on the last couple of weeks though. We have re-organized most of our crew and assignments leading to a more efficient way of handling bugs, producing a better atmosphere on the server, helping players etc. I'll elaborate below on the most important and noticeable changes you'll see.

Changes to the server, forums, properties and crew:

  • As stated at the start of the thread, deathmatch (or DM) minigames have been fixed.

There used to be a bug present which hindered players from starting a new minigame. When players tried to do so, the server would blatantly reply that "there is already a *x minigame* in progress". This has since been fixed.
  • For all you stunters, drifters and gearjammers among us; infinite NOS has been added to the gamemode!

This addition shall please most of the racers/cruisers among us greatly, as you no longer have to /nos *x* every few times/minutes while cruising, drifting or stunting. Simply issue the command "/nos inf(inite)" and you shall receive an infinite amount of NOS at the reasonable price of 250k. How does it work? Well, every time you click your left mousebutton (or whatever key you've bound NOS activation to) NOS will be re-engaged, without the pesky cooldown. Neat huh?
  • The forums have had a total overhaul.

We've totally reworked the forum structure, removing lots of boards and merging others. You've probably already noticed this change some time ago. We removed all the unnecessary clutter and improved the comprehensibility of the layout.
  • The management has been/will become more transparant.

We're planning (management and admins alike) to become more transparant as to what's happening behind the scenes so players get a better understanding of what we're actually doing and to show them we care about their opinion(s). The community is what drives LVP and we'd love to show you that we care about you. Hence the decision to become more open and/or accepting regarding suggestions for changes, improvements and whatnot - this topic will be elaborated further down the page.
  • Properties and their prices/earnings.

As you may have noticed, some admins (including myself) have been working on revamping the property system and LVP's economy in general. We found that money had sort of "lost its value" and decided this needed a solution. Since it was easy to gain over 500 million in cash within a few hours, we found LVP had a dreadful inflation problem which we handled as follows: we've adjusted the prices and earning rates of the properties dramatically in order to give money it's value back. We're also looking into creating more props around the entire map, with incremental earnings/pricing the further away they are from LV.
We will monitor how the economy progresses from here on out and make changes if we see that it is needed to 'tame' the economy and/or inflation, might such a thing occur again.
We hope this'll stimulate players to explore more parts of the map and hopefully create some challenge/rivalry among prop ownership as well.
  • Crew changes.

There have also been lots of changes in terms of crew structure. A few of the older crewmembers who weren't actively playing or contributing anymore have stepped down from their functions.
For instance, Kase, the old crew manager has stepped down from his position and Matthias has taken his position to give the crew active management and support where needed.
MacSto, the external activities manager, has also stepped down from his position. He used to manage Las Venturas Playground's non-GTA San Andreas related activities.
These former management/administrators will retain their rights, however.

Also, our much beloved Granny will be undertaking all duties regarding marketing, promotion and social media from now on.
  • Facebook and Twitter pages have been updated.

As noted before under "crew changes", Granny is now leading the effort of keeping LVP's social media pages up to date and spread the word about LVP's existence.
You can find the links to our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter below:

LVP Facebook
LVP Twitter
    [li]Awareness for player opinions and feedback.
    Last but most certainly not least, we'd like to emphasize the importance of YOUR opinion and experience of the server. We'd love to hear what changes you'd like to see, what most bothers you about the server, what you think would improve such issues etc. Please don't be shy to post about it in the Development or Complaints sections. We cannot stress this enough: we want to improve your playing experience on the server, as we'd love to see LVP be full of happy players who enjoy their stay. Furthermore, you're welcome to follow the progress of LVP's Development on Trac and the Development Portal.


And such are the changes and plans we've had in store for you. We're also working on advertisement and are planning to make a promotional video regarding LVP's features and whatnot. LVP will even get it's very own theme-song (which I'll be handling) in the not so distant future!

I hope you've been well informed by means of this post. Please post any suggestions or ideas for change - as mentioned before - in the Development section.

Hope to see you all ingame soon!

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,