Las Venturas Playground 43

posted by Russell on Saturday, May the 9th at 5:55 PM
Hi all -

Today I'm please to share with you that Las Venturas Playground 43 has been released.

This release introduces the /account command, which allows you to change your nickname, password and view your past sessions. It also gives you access to your player record, which displays the kicks, bans and unbans you've received during your time on Las Venturas Playground. VIPs are able to create two nickname aliases for their account as well, as a new perk.

In addition, with this release we introduce a change in policy: in line with our objective to be fair, we will no longer consider player incidents that happened more than a year ago. People make mistakes: players, administrators and Management members alike, and it is important that we don't get stuck in the past. We'd like Las Venturas Playground to be a community that people want to be part of again.

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Introduction of the /account command.
  • FEATURE: The bank account limit has been increased to $5,354,228,880.
  • FEATURE: Introduction of gang zones. Right now they only provide pretty aesthetics. Discussion is welcomed!
  • FEATURE: Player tax liability has been removed in favour of voluntary community contributions.
  • FEATURE: Administrators have the ability to enable/disable certain announcements.
  • FIX: Players can no longer be logged in to the server multiple times.
  • FIX: The /forward command works again when in a vehicle.
  • FIX: The /forward command no longer confuses north with south.
  • FIX: The money bag limit has been increased to $50,000,000.
  • FIX: The /ircpm command has been changed to issue a NOTICE rather than a PRIVMSG.
  • FIX: The /crew and /man commands for in-game crew are now working again.
  • FIX: The stream URL of the Radio 10 channel has been fixed.
  • MISC: The JavaScript Player class has been cleaned up, and we introduced support for Supplements.
  • MISC: Handling of player money has been moved to JavaScript in its entirety.
  • MISC: Admins can now change colors on IRC by using #RRGGBB hex syntax.

Many thanks to Xanland and Holsje for their contributions that went in to this release, and to Beaner, George, H4ls3y and Specifer for their bug reports.