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LVP 51: 552,960 matches, tuned vehicles and SAMPCAC

posted by Russell on Wednesday, July the 22nd at 1:59 PM
Hi all -

We introduced our customise everything vision in version 45, and today follow up by bringing you 552,960 new fighting games. The new "/match" command allows you to design your own: control weather, time, gravity, lag compensation, weapons, location, pickups, teams and much more to your liking. Please try it out, give us feedback and stay tuned for support for multiple rounds, full gang wars and 1-on-1 fights.

Starting with this release, you have the ability to fully customise your houses' vehicles. You can now pick any car, tune it to your liking and use the "/v save" command to park it in one of your parking lots. Done with a car? Easily delete it using "/v delete".

Other changes included in this release:

  • FEATURE: House vehicles can now be fully customised and tuned in any way you like.
  • FEATURE: House vehicles can now be saved and deleted with "/v save" and "/v delete".
  • FEATURE: Fighting games are now able to create balanced teams, rather than just randomized ones.
  • FEATURE: Team-based fighting games now have the ability to disable team damage.
  • FEATURE: Haystack now supports customisable time, weather and gravity.
  • FEATURE: Sniper Madness and Minigame Madness have been ported over to JavaScript.
  • FEATURE: We're beginning to experiment with SAMPCAC. Many thanks to [Ds]PwN3R_B0T for the help!
  • IMPROVEMENT: Messages that are too long will now be trimmed, rather than disappear completely.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Fake car entry is now allowed, as the server will block your ability to issue damage.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Out-of-range weapon shots will now be blocked by our abuse system.
  • IMPROVEMENT: JavaScript now keeps track of vehicle modifications, and abuse thereof.
  • FIX: TheMightyQ's island has been moved so that his house can be there.
  • FIX: It's no longer possible to teleport to players engaged in a minigame.
  • FIX: Drifting has now been restricted to automobiles and bikes.
  • FIX: Only the driver of a vehicle will get drifting points.
  • FIX: We now properly keep a vehicle's colour and paintjob in sync with reality.
  • FIX: The "/donate" command text has been improved.
  • MISC: Use of SAMPCAC will now be indicated in a player's join message.
  • MISC: Our JavaScript code now has a routine for judging object equality, and collection shuffling.
  • MISC: Various stunting objects have been added, which can be enabled or disabled by Management.

We would like to thank Freakins for their bug reports. This update actually went live last week already, we just forgot to publish the post :) Enjoy!