Las Venturas Playground targets a variety of players - from those with an interest in Freeroam to Deathmatch and Racing to Stunting. There are various features dedicated to providing a fun experience for everyone, no matter whether you've been playing San Andreas Multiplayer for days, months or years! A few examples of the things you can do are as follows:

Sounds good? Join us! Details on connecting to our SA:MP server can be found here.


As of October 2015, the Las Venturas Playground Gamemode is Open Source! This means that everyone - not just our team - are able to get involved in the development of our gamemode. Whether you're just curious about the latest changes, also known as "commits", or wish to get involved and create cases for bugs, enhancements or new features, or maybe even contribute to our codebase, you can do all of this right from our easy-to-use GitHub page! Alternatively, feel free to browse and create topics in our Development forum.

There is no fixed release cycle for new versions of Las Venturas Playground, however as a general rule of thumb, updates are pushed out at least once a month. When this happens, we publish an announcement on our website, forum, Twitter and Facebook pages.