Terms of Service

Revision date: 20 September, 2009

Account Activation

By activating your account on any Las Venturas Playground service, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services. Before you can activate your account, you are required to accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Services.

Refund Policy

Las Venturas Playground will not refund any donations at all. When a VIP member misbehaves in a manner that the Las Venturas Playground does not tolerate, we may consider removing the VIP membership. The Las Venturas Playground Mangement reserves the right to remove VIP membership in certain circumstances without refund.


Las Venturas Playground cannot be held resposible for system down time, crashes, or data loss. Certain services provided by Las Venturas Playground are hosted on different servers, which means partial downtime of different services can occur. Certain software used by Las Venturas Playground is not directly owned or written by Las Venturas Playground; therefore, we cannot guarantee 100% user satisfaction when using this third party software.

Server Uptime Guarantee

We do not offer an uptime guarantee. Our services are provided "as is"; however, our servers are monitored continuously and are rarely down. Scheduled maintenance (including hardware or software upgrades) will be announced at least a few hours before the maintenance takes place, with the exception of highly critical maintenance. The Las Venturas Playground Gamemode is updated on a weekly basis unless a critical bug is solved. Gamemode updates will be announced in-game approximately 15-30 minutes before the actual update takes place.

Abusing Las Venturas Playground services

Any attempt to damage or cause harm to the service provided by Las Venturas Playground is strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken where applicable.

Refusal of Las Venturas Playground services

The Las Venturas Playground Management retains the right to completely revoke access to any or all of the Las Venturas Playground services.