Gameserver Rules & Regulations

In order to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy our San Andreas: Multiplayer server in the way they should be, a number of rules are in place. The contents of this page may be downloaded as a PDF file as well. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about these rules.

LVP Gameserver Rules & Regulations | Version: 2.0 | Date: 2013-09-03

Las Venturas Playground [LVP], a gameserver based on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, requires players to play according the following set of rules. The Management reserves the right to change the rules at any time, with or without prior notice, providing changes will be clearly communicated with the community. All items described in this document are open for discussion, and we encourage players to raise any topic they have concerns about.

This is the formal set of rules applying to the gameserver. If punishments were sanctioned based on circumstances not explicitly described in this document, players may request their punishment to be immediately invalidated.

  1. Players have the right to appeal any set punishment by creating a topic on the community boards, sending a private message to an administrator or using the contact form to contact the Management directly. If a player is being unfairly treated by a member of Las Venturas Playground Staff, they can escalate the situation to the Crew Manager, Joe, via IRC or Forum PM.
  2. The duration and severity of any punishment will be decided by the administrator based on the committed offence and history of the player on Las Venturas Playground services. We will never preemptively set punishments on a player for offences committed elsewhere.
  3. The Las Venturas Playground Management reserves the right to derive from this document at any time, for any reason, on the condition that the majority of Management members agree with the action and both the reasoning and consequences will be publicly stated.

The following rules apply to Las Venturas Playground as of 2013-09-03. They will be enforced by members of the LVP Staff, following the Management's interpretation of this document. Rules may only be enforced in cases where the offence happened after the date of their introduction. Previously committed offences will not be reconsidered based on new rules being introduced.

  1. Cheating, following the definition "anything that gives you an unfair advantage over another player", is prohibited. Examples include infinite health or armour, money, health and weapon cheats and any tool positively affecting the player's ability to win fights, minigames or other competitive features. The Management may grant players or Staff temporary permission to use cheats, but only under direct supervision.
  2. Abusing any software errors, also known as "bugs", is not allowed unless explicitly described in this document (see appendix A), irrespective of the origin and cause of the bug. Warnings will be given to the player prior to any punishment being sanctioned. Players aiding Las Venturas Playground Staff in solving a bug can get the severity of their punishment decreased, if not lifted.
  3. Swearing, flaming, provoking and insulting individual people must only occur in very limited quantities. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rated as a Mature (17+) game, so we expect players to be able to deal with a limited amount of foul language. Direct means of communication, such as private messages, gang chat and phone calls, are exempt from this rule if all involved players agree on the use of such language. Insults made in discriminative or racist ways are prohibited under all circumstances, for all means of communication.
  4. Advertising other services on Las Venturas Playground is not permitted unless the Management explicitly gave you permission to do so. Flooding, spamming and using an excessive amount of capitals or exclamation marks will result you being muted from further public communication on the server.
  5. The Pirate Ship, located at the center of Las Venturas, and its entire ramp are classified as a peace zone, meaning all players in this area must not be harmed. Inflicting damage on players on the Pirate Ship, whether it be deliberate or accidental, will be seen as an offence. Vehicles exploding near the Pirate Ship are the responsibility of the player who last occupied it.
  6. The Las Venturas Playground Staff, Developers and Management put a lot of time and effort in maintaining the server, website, infrastructure and community, and players are therefore expected to treat them with respect.
  7. Participating in, provoking or being otherwise involved in attacks against Las Venturas Playground or its infrastructure will immediately exclude players from participating in the community.

It should be noted that Las Venturas Playground recommends players to communicate in public channels using the English language, ensuring that a large group of players will be able to follow and participate in your communication.

The following rules only applies under certain circumstances. Administrators may decide to not enforce these rules at their own discretion. We request players to follow them.

  1. During a cruise, participants should maintain peace and make a good effort to not damage vehicles of players around them. Players running into a cruise coming by are requested to ignore them, allow them to pass peacefully and do not obstruct them in their path.

Gameserver Rules & Regulations: Appendix A

The following bugs are explicitly permitted to be used on Las Venturas Playground.

  1. c-bug
    When executed by firing a round from any hand-weapon, quickly releasing the left and right mouse buttons and then immediately making your character crouch. This will skip the animation of lowering the gun, allowing you to move faster after a shot.
  2. two-shot
    When executed by firing two rounds from a sawnoff shotgun, then quickly switching to another weapon, then quickly switching back. This will reset the weapon to have four shots again, avoiding the need to reload it.