Forum Rules & Regulations

To keep the community forums nice for everyone, we have created a set of general forum regulations which can be found below.

Code of Conduct

To ensure all of our members are provided with a pleasurable experience on the forum, please keep the following Code of Conduct in mind when posting.

  • Be friendly and patient
    Everyone is from a different background with varying expertise and knowledge. Don't assume that others know something you do.
  • Be welcoming
    It may take new players some time to find their place in the community, so help them get along and try to answer their questions if you can.
  • Be considerate
    Not everyone has the same opinion or perspective on issues, so you will find yourself disagreeing with others. That is OK.
  • Be respectful
    Even if you disagree with somebody, they’re part of a rival gang or you simply don’t like them, either treat them with respect or simply move on with your life.
  • Be careful in the words that you choose
    Sometimes your opinion about certain matters can strike other people as harsh or offensive; try to prevent that.

The Rules

Next to the Code of Conduct, there are some rules to follow. These rules apply for new topics, replies to existing topics, and personal messages to other members.

  • Do not mini-mod. Use the "Report" button, shown in the bottom right hand corner of posts.
  • To allow everyone to understand your content, please only use English in public.

  • Flaming
  • No flaming at all.
  • No racism, or anything similar.
  • No sexual discrimination.
  • Don't offend anyone else by using their personal life as the subject.

  • Signatures and Advertising
  • Advertising in your profile is acceptable, assuming all other forum rules are followed.
  • Signatures may not exceed 400 characters.
  • Maximum of 2 images, which may not exceed 600x150px, including text.

  • Warez, Illegal Activity and other unwanted behavior
  • Strict no-warez policy. Any posts containing links to illegal sites will be removed.
  • Any discussion of hacking or other illegal activities is prohibited on the LVP forums.
  • No pornography. Although the game is rated 18+, there are a lot of youngsters.


Misbehaving on the forums will result in a punishment. Depending on the offense, one or more of the following punishments may be given out.

  1. Messages may be partially edited by a Forum Administrator, with or without notification.
  2. Messages may be completely removed by a Forum Administrator, with or without notification.
  3. A warninglevel may be given. This warninglevel may simply put you on the list of "watched" users, or it could mean the end of your posting for a while.
  4. In the worst case scenario, a Forum Administrator may decide to ban you. The duration of the ban will be up to the Forum Administrator.

Privacy Statement

Every topic and message you write on this forum is publicly available to anyone, including search robots like Yahoo! and Google. If you don't want to have this information publicly available, please refrain from posting. An exception for the public availability of topics and messages include the LVP VIP board, gang boards, and other boards with special permissions.

Every participant on the LVP Forum is allowed to edit his/her own message(s). Please take note that the forum software keeps track of all the changes you've made. The history of these changes can be viewed by the Las Venturas Playground Management.

Various statistics are collected by the forum software and used for the Las Venturas Playground website. This information is also public on your profile page.