Las Venturas Playground is a large server, and there are specific expenses we need to make in order to keep the server running, for you to play on. Nobody is required or forced to make a donation to Las Venturas Playground, playing on this server will always be free for everybody.

Having this said, Las Venturas Playground can't survive without donations. Every donation, large or small, is welcome. Currently about 90% of our income will be spent on server- and service costs. The remaining 10 percent will be saved for other expenses like advertising or unforeseen costs.

We would like to see € 100.- per person. Unfortunately we don't receive such large amounts. I wonder why. When you decide to donate, we ask you to donate at least 5 euros, this is the minimum amount before we grant VIP. But if you can and are willing to donate more: We won't stop you! We are, of course, very thankful for each donation.

In-Game Extras

  • VIP Room
    As VIP you can enter the VIP Room, and find some free surprises inside.
  • Custom Time
    Using the "/my time" command, you can set your own time.
  • Custom Weather
    Using the "/my weather" command, you can set your own weather.
  • Spawn Armour
    You receive armour every time you spawn.
  • Personal Look
    Use the "/my look" command to set your own funny look.
  • Admin Vehicles
    As VIP you can enter the Admin Vehicles (Hydra and Hunter).
  • RC Vehicles
    Enter the RC vehicles in front of the VIP Room.
  • Spawn Cruise Vehicles
    When participating in a cruise, use "/cruise car" to spawn your own vehicle.
  • Disable Teleporting
    Disable the ability for other players to teleport to you.
  • Extra Money
    Idling on The Ship will give you $50 per second, instead of the normal $25 per second.
  • Unlimited Properties
    As standard, players can own 25 properties at once. VIP's don't have this limit.
  • Extra Houses
    As standard, players can own one house. VIPs can own up to three.
  • Change Player Color
    You can permanently change your player color with the "/my color" command.

Forum Extras

  • VIP Board
    A private board for VIP members.
  • VIP image
    The image below your name will show VIP Member.

IRC Extras

  • #LVP.VIP Channel Access
    A private chat channel for VIP Members.
  • VIP status in !players
    Your name will appear blue in the !players list.
  • Voice in #LVP.Echo (on request)
    This allows you to use !pm, !vip, !getid, and !getname

Donation Information

There are various ways to donate. Depending on your country, it could be possible that your preferred donation option is not available.

  • PayPal or credit card
    For most people donating via PayPal is the easiest, fastest and safest method. It is advised to setup a PayPal account before you want to donate, and add some funds (money) to your PayPal account, so you can transfer money directly without delay. You can add funds to your PayPal account via bank transfer (Supported in most PayPal countries) or via a credit card. You can donate with a credit card without having a PayPal account using the same link. See "Don't have a PayPal account? on that page".

  • Bank transfer
    If you can't use PayPal (For example you are not 18 yet) you can also transfer money via a bank transfer. Warning: For players outside the Netherlands: Check your local bank if they don't charge extra for foreign transfers! If you want to donate via a bank transfer, please contact Sander for more information.
  • Per post/letter (This method is at your own risk!)
    Some people can't use any other donation method. In a few cases we can make an exception to allow donations per post. Only Eurobills are accepted. The costs of sending the letter varies per country. Please contact Sander for more information.

Other donation methods are currently not available. If you have other payment methods (with a high payout), feel free to contact Sander.