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Rule changes and clarifications

posted by Xilent on Thursday, July the 30th at 11:45 AM
Hi folks,

With the release of Las Venturas Playground 52 we'd like to update you about some rule changes.

Firstly, using extremely high framerates (>105) is now forbidden. This gives you advantages both in fighting and in regular movement, so please set keep your frame limiters to a hundred at most. This rule is enforced by the server: players who break it will be unable to inflict damage on others, so there is no need to report people for it.

Secondly, fake car entry is now tolerated. We've changed the server to disable the offender's ability to inflict damage on other players for a short period of time, completely negating the benefit of doing this. Similarly, when someone quits during a fight, you will still get the kill attributed to you. Some players still try, often out of habit. Let them, it's pointless.

Finally, when under suspicion of cheating, your account could be restricted to use of SAMPCAC. This gives you a decisive ability to state that your skills are clean, which is much fairer to you than the current situation where it's your word against an administrator's.

We encourage most of the players who often engage in fighting to install SAMPCAC, especially the highly skilled players among you who occasionally get accused of cheating by others. We're confident in the system, with much help from [Ds]PwN3R_B0T, and believe that this is a good solution.

All other tools and modifications that change your game's behaviour, including sprint hook, continue to be banned on Las Venturas Playground.