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LVP 50: Treasures, infinite NOS and lots of fixes

posted by Russell on Friday, July the 3rd at 9:25 PM
Hi all -

I'm pleased to bring you Las Venturas Playground 50. Today's release comes a week late, after we've had severe memory leak issues last weekend. While we were able to fix them by reverting the relevant change, the root cause continues to be unknown.

This release features a new collectable series: Treasures. 50 books have been hidden throughout Red County, Flint County and Whetstone, each of which contains a hint towards a treasure. Finding a treasure will award you around $200,000. Finding all fifty treasures will unlock the gravity key, which allows you to toggle the gravity whilst driving your car!

Also new is a reaction test game, called unscramble the word. Can you guess which weapon "SPCANYRA" describes? Turns out it's challenging to many. Winning a hundred reaction tests now grants you infinite NOS by pressing the fire key, too, and you'll start seeing a drift counter in-game: something we'll talk more about in the next releases.

Finally, there are many small changes, bug fixes, and improvements, and custom objects for three of our most active gangs. If you'd like to help us decide what to work on next, we set up a Feedback Committee, who help us discuss a variety of topics on Discord. Reach out if you're keen to help out!

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: A new series of collectables has been added: Treasures. Many thanks to Sophia_Naz!
  • FEATURE: The Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow achievements are now available as part of Treasures.
  • FEATURE: A new type of reaction tests: unscramble the word! Welcome to Als Urtvnasa Ludynagrop!
  • FEATURE: Two new walk weapon lag shot zones have been added: "/deathmatch 10" and 11!
  • FEATURE: A new vehicle key has been added to toggle gravity, and can be achieved by finding all 50 treasures.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now mute guests on IRC through the new "/muteirc" command.
  • FEATURE: Winning a hundred reaction tests will now award infinite NOS for your vehicles!
  • FEATURE: We're going to be testing a new drifting system starting this release.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Muted players can now continue to talk in their gang chats.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The "/show weapons" text will now also tell you about the spawn weapon commands.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We've reimplemented many of the abuse restrictions to make them more accurate.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The "/gang members" dialog will now include indicative colours.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Various vehicle keys cannot be used within Las Venturas, which means within the highways.
  • FIX: You can no longer send private messages to players who are muted.
  • FIX: Only rights will now be inherit when using "/modlogin", while keeping separate user statistics.
  • FIX: Using "/kill" to avoid death will now always, publicly attribute the kill to the one you're fighting.
  • FIX: Using "/q" to avoid death will now publicly attribute the kill as well.
  • FIX: Only administrators are now able to use "/fancy" on other players.
  • FIX: Various cut-off Nuwani messages containing "NaN" now have proper content again.
  • FIX: Vehicles can now be saved in the database again.
  • FIX: An error message will now be shown when trying to delete an in-use alias.
  • FIX: The "/gbank" and "/gwithdraw" commands now show an error when using negative values.
  • FIX: Races can start again without issues, even when one of the participants is minimized.
  • FIX: The "/my" command help will now tell you about availability of spawn weapons.
  • FIX: When Gunther advertises for donations, it now uses the appropriate donation link.
  • FIX: Gang bank transactions must now only involve positive amounts of cash.
  • FIX: It's no longer possible to use "/v respawn" while not in a vehicle.. doh!
  • FIX: Purchasing a collectable hint shouldn't mess up your cash amount anymore.
  • FIX: It's no longer possible for players to be in multiple gangs at once.
  • FIX: The "/whois" and "/zone" commands are now available to administrators by default.
  • MISC: The Games API now supports continuous games, rather than ones you have to sign up for.
  • MISC: Our pseudo-random number generator now supports seeded randomness.
  • MISC: A few actors have been added in honour of PigBenis.
  • MISC: Custom objects have been added for the CP, cB and tHO gangs.

This release includes contributions from Russell, Holsje, Sophia, Xilent, Specifer and Lithirm. We'd also like to thank Freakins and striker for filing issues against our GitHub project page!

Have a great weekend,