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Las Venturas Playground

Welcome to the Las Venturas Playground website! Grown from a 100-man community to a network of services with over 122 thousand registered members, it's safe to say that Las Venturas Playground is one of the largest San Andreas: Multiplayer communities around on the internet. Registration is free, easy, and gives you direct access to all our features.

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Las Venturas Playground News & Updates


LVP 31.0

posted by Badeend on Monday, October the 31st at 12:17 AM

Two weeks after the release of LVP 30.6, we have released LVP 31.0. This update consists of the following new features, improvements and bugfixes:

New features:

  • You will now receive a refund when selling your house (03e36f7)
  • Gang chat can now be encrypted, i.e. invisible to the Seti@Home owner (d4cd11b)
  • Eight new house locations have been added, two unique for VIPs (70b1c92)
  • Administrators will get notices of illegal vehicle entry and illegal NPCs (c5e8fe2deee1da)
  • Administrators can now use /showreport that automatically mutes a player (d7b35b5)
  • Management members can now change settings by using /lvp settings (c6b779b)
  • Management members can now create a CPU profile by using /lvp profile (e3f2a6f)


  • Players can only spawn vehicles once per three minutes (0410f13)
  • A disambiguation dialog has been implemented for /v (0c8a426)
  • The VIP room cannot be entered anymore by fighting players (c56bd05)
  • Kills made using an RC Baron will now be counted as lame kills (664e873)
  • Minimized player detection is now done in C++ (6a16d01)
  • Admins can check minimized players using the /idlers command (647e2d1)
  • The default time for /mute has been reduced to two minutes (cc49928)
  • Management members evaluating code will now get feedback (63765ed)

Bug fixes:

  • Locking vehicles works again, as expected (d5ace66)
  • Fight Club will continue to freeze players during countdown (db55fb7)
  • Skin 121 (the army guy) cannot be selected anymore (dcee7f0)
  • The American flag in Area 69 has been removed... again (0923795)
  • Kicking a member of your gang who is not online confirms again (168a5b1)

A big thanks to Russell for making this all possible. Great job!! O+

Forum Software Update

posted by George on Tuesday, October the 18th at 9:39 AM


LVP's community forum has now been updated from MyBB 1.8.7 to 1.8.8. This update primarily consists of squashing bugs. A full overview of the fixed issues can be found here:

Whilst we're hoping that the update will not introduce a forest filling range of issues, as with maintenance of this nature, there is an element of risk involved. As such, if anything looks out of place or doesn't work as expected, please raise your hand and say so! :)

Furthermore, if you've any suggestions to improve the forum, we'd also love to hear from you!

Lastly, we've introduced [ spoiler ] tags. 

[spoiler="MyBB..."]...has been updated :)[/spoiler]

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,

LVP 30.6 - Real estate empires, the ability to heal, and less interior abuse!

posted by Joe on Sunday, October the 16th at 3:39 AM

With the release of LVP gamemode version 30.6, our developers introduced many wonderful features, improvements, and bug fixes. Our VIPs will now have the ability to own up to three houses per VIP account, anyone can now add health and armor pickups to their houses. This gives you the ability to essentially purchase permanent spawn armor if you spawn at a house with an armor pickup. The new vehicle system has been improved from LVP 30.5, and restrictions on recently shot and players who have shot on entering interiors have been introduced. 

New features:

  • VIPs can now purchase up to three houses on the server (d7c5c03)
  • You can now purchase health and armour pickups for your house (f9639cc)
  • Entering houses and interiors is now subject to the same limitations as the teleportation commands. This will tremendously help prevent interior abuse (71744bf)
  • Packet loss percentage is now included in /my playerinfo (4e944b3)
  • 4,000 pickups isn't cool. We can now have up to 25 million (a2c8be7)


  • Most of our old vehicle code has been removed! (f31f404)
  • Kicks and bans made by undercover administrators will now be hidden (4849e33)
  • Moved but unoccupied vehicles will start respawning again (18e56a7)
  • Management can now visit any available house interior (c528125)
  • Usage of /house goto is now visible to administrators (b84a79a)
  • You can't see which undercover administrators visited your house anymore (4700ee7)
  • You can now reset your custom color with /my color reset (22b481b)
  • Vehicles you spawn will have a personalized number plate again (642f99e)
  • The restricted zone for housing has been extended with DM areas (5fbd0db)

Bug fixes:

  • The /tow command has been made less prone to abuse (336c440)
  • The /dive command now works on Mount Chilliad (9161d94)
  • RC Vehicles near the ship can't be used avoiding death anymore (40d25fa)
  • RC Vehicles can be used by players again (a2e2ac2)
  • The /house command will now tell you about the goto option (81e8f22)
  • Temporary vehicles cannot be exported anymore (088dda8)
  • Your Virtual World will now be restored when you stop /watching (840fcb6)
  • House owner names will be updated when they join the server (5b3446e)
  • Vehicles won't randomly explode on you anymore (a9239b7)

Special mention for Halo, who reported a lot of fantastic issues:

  • Vehicles cannot be stolen from the server anymore (3f22059)
  • You now need to be in the same world as the vehicle you're detonating (45d8032)
  • Vehicles cannot be detonated in within the Fight Club square anymore (6691f8c)
  • Vehicle detonations are now only visible to those in the same virtual world (a9d9fd0)
  • All active menus will be closed before switching /worlds (f276381)
  • All active dialogs will be closed when starting a minigame (8692f5b)
  • Airplanes cannot be /towed anymore (6a62de3)
  • You can't use /fly whilst being in an interior anymore (1950664)
  • Using the /t command will now always bring you back to the main world (9bf9092)
  • You can't stay in the bomb shop whilst playing a minigame anymore (6c824f1)
  • You can't stay in the bomb shop whilst watching a FC match (4e7d2ee)
  • VIP rights will be restored when temporary admin rights are revoked (dd3dc4e)

Las Venturas Playground would also like to thank Deer_Hunter, Joe, George, TEF and Lithirm for their testing and bug reports during this release.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,

Hit sounds, vehicles, and more! (LVP 30.5)

posted by TEF on Sunday, October the 9th at 7:14 AM

Time to appreciate the developers again!

New features:
  • A new vehicle system has been added that increases our vehicle limit from 1,500 to 25,000,000.
  • Hit sounds have been added. Use /hs to toggle them (23e2ced).
  • Administrators can now use /show interior to share that interior abuse is not allowed (b39397e).

  • The /fakeact, /fakepm, and /psay commands have been removed (27eb28d

Bug fixes:
  • The /dive command is now restricted to once per three minutes again (e9b60a8).
  • The random American flag has been removed from Area 69 (48f6aeb).

(LVP 30.5)

On behalf of the wonderful work done by our amazing developers,

Total Epic Failure

The Promulgation of Las Venturas Playground 30!

posted by TEF on Monday, September the 12th at 1:46 AM

Las Venturas Playground Presents: HOUSES!

After significant testing of the housing system, we are proud to promulgate the long-awaited update that brings the possibility of owning a house to every player! 

A house is exactly what the name reflects: a location, somewhere in San Andreas, that you own and of which you are in control. You are able to decide how your house looks, who is allowed access, and even what vehicle to park out front! You can also spawn there, if you so choose!

Each player is able to own a single house, but we are looking into extending this to up to three houses for our VIP members. The price of your house will be influenced by the location, as well as the interior you choose. There are no houses for sale in the red zone, unfortunately, but that still leaves plenty of other places for your house to become your home away from home.

In the future, houses will become much more than just a house. They will be able to store your money and weapons, become the basis of a sophisticated gang zone system, and will also enable you to customize your character with hats and glasses. Obviously, this involves a lot of work, but you can be expecting us to deliver additional features in the upcoming weeks and months.

So fire up San Andreas: Multiplayer, connect to Las Venturas Playground, and ask one of the administrators to create a house in your favorite locale!

On behalf of the amazing work done by our wonderful developers,
Total Epic Failure

LVP 29.8!

posted by TEF on Tuesday, September the 6th at 1:26 AM

New features:

  • Feature-complete housing system (in final beta).
  • Las Venturas Playground now handles its own interior markers.
  • TEF's hidden property has been brought back to celebrate his return.
  • The /spm command has been added for Management members.
  • The /rampcar command has been added for Administrators (#262).


  • Sub-commands of /p and /my are now case insensitive (#290).
  • Delivering the Merchant vehicle will now yield much more money (#284).
  • The interior abuse messages for administrators have been removed (#293).

Bug fixes:

  • An important issue with the Merchant's vehicle collection has been fixed.
  • Sole exclamation marks won't be interpret as gang chat anymore.
  • Stealing a player's money from the revenge menu won't reduce your money (#292).
  • Chat within bomb shops will now be considered public (#288).

(LVP v29.8)

Be excited!

Nickname policy

posted by Xanland on Sunday, August the 28th at 10:31 PM


Since the beginning of our community, about 120,000 people have registered their account on Las Venturas Playground. This is an absolutely incredible number, and we're humble to be able to provide entertainment to such a large group of people.

However, such a large group of players has a downside: it's not unlikely that your nickname has already been chosen by somebody else. This could happen with cool nicknames, as well as regular first names, assigned to accounts that haven't been used in years.

When this happens, please feel free to open a topic in our Help Requests forum stating your current nickname, as well as the nickname you'd like to claim. When your request meets the following requirements, an administrator will reassign the nickname to your account.

  • The account must have been idle for at least four years.
  • The account may not belong to a former member of our staff.
  • The account may not belong to a VIP player.

Please mind that administrators also may refuse your request if the account belongs to a well known figure in the community, even if they've been idle for a long time.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground crew and Management,

LVP 29.5 - Economic Changes and Forgiveness

posted by Joe on Wednesday, August the 10th at 9:31 PM

Good evening all,

I'd like to officially announce the economic changes to align LVP's economy with the upcoming housing system. 

In the live version of Las Venturas Playground very large dollar amounts are required to purchase very expensive items and properties; for example, it currently would cost $200,000 to use the /showmessage command, or $10,000,000 to change your player color as a VIP. We have reduced prices on nearly every command; for the examples above: /showmessage now costs $10,000 and VIP color changes are free. 

With the reduction of prices comes the reduction of earnings- when you spawn, you will now receive $10,000 rather than $175,000. Earnings from properties have been modified in a similar way, while maintaining a nearly identical time to double the money invested in the property. 

Spawn weapon prices have also been reduced to align with the rest of the new economy.

What does this all mean to you?

  • Your money is now much more powerful; your bank balance has been decreased to align with the new economy but the average cost of commands has been decreased by a larger factor than your bank has.

  • Your bank will show a balance no higher than $100,000,000 on next login. Your money has not been taken, it has simply been adjusted to work with the new pricing of the server. 

  • Bank limits will remain at $2,000,000,000 even though the maximum account value has been adjusted to $100,000,000; effectively giving you the ability to store 20x the current limit. 

  • Bounties have been adjusted at the same rate as bank accounts to align the values with the new economy. 

  • All 2664 players indebted to the server by borrowing from the LVP Main Bank by using the /borrow command have been forgiven.

tldr; We fixed server financial problems, forget about your real life problems, come to LVP, it's like Las Vegas but fake. 

Non-Economic updates included in this update include:
Adding anti-quit joke protection (Contributed by LVPYassine)
Remove the 50 hour requirement for /ignore
Allow live reloading of certain gamemode modules

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,

Insight in your most recent sessions

posted by Russell on Sunday, August the 7th at 6:16 PM

Quite recently we've begun asking players what sort of data they would like to know about their playing sessions. As a result of some really cool suggestions, today we're announcing the first use of our big data pipeline, a new piece of infrastructure we've been working on to create fancy graphs.

Detailed per-session fighting performance
Let's take a look at [TR]Death$Star's session this morning. He was online for an hour and 36 minutes, during which he killed 30 players, was killed 4 times himself and died of other reasons once. Most of his fighting occurred around the ship, but he clearly travelled around to find his victims too.

Looks pretty rad, doesn't it? There's more! His favourite weapon during this session was the Sawnoff Shotgun, with which he fired 465 times, 262 of which hit another player. That creates for an accuracy of 56%, slightly below the average of the better fighters on the server, but I'm sure that's just a fluke, right? ;)

You can find these graphs for every session played since Friday, August 5th. Just go to your profile page on the website, and you'll find a new recent sessions link in the left-hand menu. You can see the most recent sessions of all other players too!

Please continue sharing your suggestions for other cool statistics you'd like to see in the topic in the Development section. We plan to extend our gang system around this data, and create a ranking between gangs based on their in-game performance.

For now, however, please share graphs of your best performing sessions in this topic :).

LVP Code of Conduct

posted by Russell on Sunday, July the 31st at 12:19 AM

Hi all,

A few months ago, we introduced a Code of Conduct as an experiment for all development related to Las Venturas Playground. This has proven to be very successful, so today we’re announcing that the Code of Conduct will apply to the community at large.

When communicating with others on any of our services, which includes the Las Venturas Playground SA-MP server, the forums, IRC and GitHub, we expect you to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. In short:

  • Be friendly and patient.
  • Be welcoming. It may take new players some time to find their place in the community, so help them get along and try to answer their questions if you can.
  • Be considerate. Not everyone has the same opinion or perspective on issues, so you will find yourself disagreeing with others. That is OK.
  • Be respectful. Even if you disagree with somebody, they’re part of a rival gang or you simply don’t like them, either treat them with respect or simply move on with your life.
  • Be careful in the words that you choose. Sometimes your opinion about certain matters can strike other people as harsh or offensive; try to prevent that.

We’ll refer you to this topic if we think you should have phrased something in a different way. If that happens more often, your posts may end up being moderated so that we get a chance to read them before others— which really is a nuisance to all!