Donate to LVP for VIP status!

posted by Nakebod on Sunday, November the 4th at 8:00 PM
Hello, and thank you for your interest in donating to Las Venturas Playground!

For more information on donating, along with VIP status, please click here. A list of VIP benefits can be found below.

In-Game Extras

  • VIP Room

As VIP you can enter the VIP Room, and find some free surprises inside.
  • Spawn Armour

You receive armour every time you spawn.
  • Personal looks and weather

Use the "/my look" and "/my weather" commands to set your own funny look and weather style.
  • Admin Vehicles

As VIP you can enter the Admin Vehicles (Hydra and Hunter).
  • RC Vehicles

Enter the RC vehicles in front of the VIP Room.
  • Spawn Cruise Vehicles

When participating in a cruise, use "/cruise car" to spawn your own vehicles!
  • Disable teleporting

Disable the ability for other players to teleport to you.
  • Extra money

Idling on The Ship will give you $100 per second, instead of the normal $50 per second.
  • Unlimited properties

By default, the amount of properties which can be owned at the same time is limited. VIP Members don't have this limit.
  • Change player color

As VIP member you can change your player color with the "/my color" command. Your picked color will be saved and restored whenever you reconnect to LVP.

Forum Extras

  • VIP Board

A private board for VIP members.
  • VIP image

The image below your name will show VIP Member.

IRC Extras

  • #LVP.VIP access

A private chat channel for VIP Members.
  • VIP status in !players

Your name will appear blue in the online !players list, and the !players nickname at IRC will show "This player is a VIP." in your personal stats.
  • Voice in #LVP.Echo (on request)

Voice is needed to use !pm via IRC. If you want, you can get auto-voiced when you join #LVP.Echo


We are extremely grateful for every donation we receive!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by replying to this thread!