Updated IP address for LVP - a new server!

posted by Joeri on Sunday, September the 23rd at 4:05 AM
Good morning LVP players!

Last night we moved to a new server, the move went swiftly and everything is up and running again. The play.sa-mp.nl domain will be updated to the new IP as soon as possible, if you have trouble connection you can use this ip for the meantime:

Our new home has significantly more resources available. We now have 8 cores and 32GB of ram at our disposal. With this update we hope to eradicate any lag issues that have been occurring ingame and it allows LVP to grow even further. We've used our old server for quite some years now but its time to move on.

We've also been hosting the Minecraft server of our sister community Las Venturas Mineground on our new machine which has been doing great. Feel free to take a look if you're interested.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Management,