3.7.1 was just released!

posted by Kase on Thursday, September the 6th at 1:54 PM
We've just updated to 3.7.0! Here's a list of the most notable changes:

- Players can join gangs, again! Go and capture some turfs!
- You can create new gangs, again! Get your group together and fight other people!
- The property buy/sell box was reverted to a chat message. No more random freezing during your fights!
- Money pickups were disabled, as they erroneously triggered the anti-cheat.
- No more black screen upon joining! It'll take you directly to the login screen.
- Fixed a few other minor bugs.

We're still working on other bugfixes while rewriting current features, so stick around and have fun playing!

Update: We've pushed 3.7.1, which addresses an issue with /taxi. Sorry for the inconvenience!