LVP 2.92.7 - Update time again!

posted by Matthias on Friday, September the 17th at 6:32 PM

Time for another update! The holidays are over, for most of us. Unfortunately this means less developing time available. But as always, we try our very best to fix those damn bugs, and continue to release a fresh update every two weeks.

This week we've focussed on fixing the most annoying bugs including a couple of /fight bugs, a /pause bug and we've disabled the usage of the teleporting commands in interiors, so people can't abuse the interiors to run from fights any more.

The Hide&Seek minigame has had a few changes as well, bluefox has worked on a new map and he has fixed a couple of map glitches in "LVP Monument". The blip of the seeker is now invisible, making the running-from-the-seeker concept harder.

Check out the full changelog here!

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,