(UvH)sTriKeR has been promoted to administrator

posted by tBKwtWS on Tuesday, November the 15th at 12:31 AM
For those who have not yet noticed it the Las Venturas Playground SA-MP server has a new administrator, (UvH)sTriKeR was promoted about 23 hours ago. He was selected by the Las Venturas Playground crew to join it. Due to recent changes on Las Venturas Playground the moderator level is no longer used and (UvH)sTriKeR has the luck to be promoted directly to Administrator.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground crew members, I would like to congratulate (UvH)sTriKeR on his promotion!

An introduction interview with (UvH)sTriKeR.

What kind of player are you, which aspects of the server do you like the most?
Normally deathmatch, but after years of doing that I got bored of it, so I'm helping and playing with some friends. I really like having fun ingame like cruising, doing chases etc.

I see you are in a clan. How long have you been in it? Does the gang life suit you?
I joined the UvH-clan in February 2011. And yes, I enjoy myself wearing the clan tag.

What other games do you enjoy? Do you use any other LVP services?
I play Left 4 Dead and SA-MP right now.

How did you discover the LVP community?
Hmm, I first started to play in a server called "Bakura Bakufu" and kept playing there for a few weeks. But due to a lot of hackers, I decided to quit that server and start looking for new ones. In that time I visited LittleWhitey's but I didn't like it much. I kept looking around for more servers and eventually found LVP. At the time I was having a really busy life, but I found time to join LVP a few times around July 2007. I couldn't play much till late in 2009, which is when I registered.

Do you have a nice newbie story for us?

What happened the first time you joined LVP?
When I first started to play in LVP I really was newb. The first thing that come trough my mind was how to make money. And so there in LVP for a few days, I became close to a player named GothicDolls who is known as SaDistHO right now. He helped me with cash and has shown me around the server. After that I started to deathmatch but not much because I was a newb in that as well :p Around that time I was friends with a clan mate, (UvH)dEm0n who started to teach me how to fight with running weapons.

Now you have been promoted, what would you like to say to the LVP community?
Uhm... Nothing much.

A comment to being promoted perhaps?
It's nice to been chosen to be an administrator and help out the community. I was not expecting to be promoted, so this comes as a surprise.

You have been an administrator for 19 hours have you been ingame yet?
I'm ingame right now :D

On behalf of the LVP Management,