Appreciation Award: eF.Pedro

posted by tBKwtWS on Tuesday, November the 1st at 9:04 PM
There are a ton of players on Las Venturas Playground. Many of them registered to play for a day, some for a week or for a month, but only a few hundred people has been around for years. Today we'd like to highlight one of these players, eF.Pedro.

Pedro has been around on the server since 2007, has played more than 2,600 hours on the server and has been involved with murders over 50,000 times, about half of which were his own. He won almost 5,000 reaction tests and is currently, after TEF, the second best overall player on Las Venturas Playground. Besides that, he's active in the LVP Beta Team and often shares his opinion, which is very much appreciated. We asked eF.Pedro a few questions about his involvement in the server.

Please join me in congratulating eF.Pedro with his Appreciation Award, something we believe he strongly deserved due to his continuous dedication towards LVP. Pedro, on behalf of all of LVP, I hope that you will be around here for much, much longer!

You joined LVP well over three years ago, what persuaded you to do so?
eF.Pedro: Grand Theft Auto and football games were always the types of games I preferred most. Before I started playing SA:MP, I had already completed the San Andreas missions on the computer and GTA III and GTA Vice City on the Playstation 2. I did join LVP in 2007 for the first time, when three school mates of mine showed me SA:MP and LVP. As I already was a GTA fan, I got even more addicted to it at that time.

In those three years, you've been in-game for almost 2,700 hours. Insane! What kept it most interesting for you?
eF.Pedro: Well, the main reason to explain it (as I said before) is that I really used to like this game and obviously the server itself. Not only the server, but also the community in general. I also didn't play that many online games before, so basically everything was pretty much new for me. Also, 2,700 hours is indeed a lot of time for a single game, but I dare to say that 90% of the time I was playing SA:MP was spent on LVP. I rarely join the server with another account than my own, except before registering myself as I had already had been playing since 2007 as a guest.

Based on your melee stats, you seem to be a deathmatcher. Your fun statistics show that you also play a lot of mini-games, what has your preference?
eF.Pedro: I should probably say that I like everything, because I really do. When I join the server, the thing that makes me decide whether I'm going to have some duels, I'm going to organize or join a cruise, play a minigame or even to have some random fights "in the streets", is which other players are online at the moment. I'm part of a clan called Excessive Fighting of which Kase is one of the leaders and I'm part of the Management, together with Munch and Deather. If I join LVP and there are some eF members online as well, then we'll probably challenge and fight others clans who are online at the same moment.

Are there any other people who were by your side over the course of these years?
eF.Pedro: The people who I mentioned in my first answer, my friends in real life, have already left SA:MP. They weren't only around for a few months. We still had some good times on Las Venturas Playground though.

I've been meeting many other people after that. Besides all the people from Excessive Fighting, there were cool guys such as DVcam, McLaine and TopSpeed, who I used to play with since 2008 / 2009. Two of them (DVcam and TopSpeed) aren't that active anymore, but McLaine's still around and belongs to the Excessive Fighting team. These are just the ones that I really spent more time playing with, I've had great times with other people as well.

As some of you might realize, I am still around on forums, but I'm not as active in-game anymore as I used to be. I just started University and can't really waste my time like that anymore, and, obviously, after playing the game for such a long time, it's not as cool as it used to be either :).

On behalf of the LVP Management,