LVP 48: Tuning, three new races and improved transparency

posted by Badeend on Sunday, June the 14th at 5:32 PM
Hi all -

It's time for another update! Las Venturas Playground 48 brings some existing updates, three new races, new statistics for /deathmatch and many other things.

First of all, in spirit of additional transparency, all kick and ban reasons will now be publicly shared on the server, as well as those watching on IRC. While we try out best to investigate each report, it's not always possible to explain the results of an investigation, and this might help a little bit with both transparency and accountability.

Also new is a rewritten vehicle streamer. While you hopefully won't notice too many changes, a few are worth pointing out: it's possible to tune vehicles again, and apply paintjobs and custom colours. Much of the streamer now runs on a background thread, which reduces load on the server as well.

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Killing someone in "/deathmatch" will now grant you extra health, and new stats is being tracked.
  • FEATURE: The Visage Street Hustle Race has been added. Play it with "/race 39"!
  • FEATURE: The Los Santos Speedway Race has been added. Play it with "/race 40"!
  • FEATURE: The Bone Country Heat Race has been added. Play it with "/race 41"!
  • FEATURE: Kick and ban reasons will now be included as part of kick messages, as well as on IRC.
  • FEATURE: Leaving messages will now differentiate between timing out, leaving, kicks, bans and reconnects.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now use a new "/whois" command in-game, and the "!whois" command through Nuwani.
  • FEATURE: The vehicle streamer now runs on a background thread on the server.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now use "!mute", "!muted" and "!unmute" on IRC again.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The "/collectables" command now tells you which round you're in.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Temporary administrators will now be shown in a different colour when using "!players".
  • IMPROVEMENT: The length of repeat reaction tests can now be configured by Management members.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The "!serialinfo" Nuwani command will now warn about common serial numbers.
  • IMPROVEMENT: New locations have been added to the "/taxi" and "/tow" commands.
  • IMPROVEMENT: A feature was added that can change players into cows.
  • FIX: The bomb shop and vehicle commands are no longer available unless you have the right collectables.
  • FIX: The "/collectables" commands is now listed in "/cmds".
  • FIX: The "/v reset" command has been restricted to Management.
  • FIX: Achievements will now be announced to people watching through Nuwani as well.
  • FIX: Vehicle keys (like colour changing and jumping) are now only available to a vehicle's driver.
  • FIX: The "/vip" command has moved over to JavaScript, and its contents have been revised.
  • REMOVAL: The "/v access", "/lock" and "/unlock" commands have been removed, as they were broken for years.
  • REMOVAL: The "/v color" command has been removed, but we plan to bring it back, including for players.
  • REMOVAL: The "/v density" command has been removed, but will still be applied silently.
  • MISC: A Fantasy Island has been added to the map, which can be enabled by in-game Management members.
  • MISC: PlaygroundJS-plugin is now able to resolve DNS, and can open Web Socket connections.

This release includes changes from Russell, Holsje, Xilent, Badeend, Lithirm and Specifer. Furthermore, we'd like to thank Halo, Beaner, Sophia and Freakins for filing issues on our GitHub project.

Finally, a comprehensive network stack (docs) has been implemented in JavaScript. This won't bring anything new to you as a player right now, but it enables us to easily communicate with other servers, websites and, in the future, possibly Discord.