LVP 47: Red Barrels, vehicle keys and 11,481 less accounts

posted by Russell on Friday, June the 5th at 10:03 PM
Hi all -

I'm pleased to announce the release of Las Venturas Playground 47!

The main update in this release is an overhaul of our collectables. We're introducing Red Barrels, a hundred of which have been spread out over the northern islands. They're super hazardous, so we need your help in blowing them up before they hurt anyone!

To make your life a bit easier, we introduced the "/collectables" command to see your progress, but also to provide you with the ability to purchase a hint towards the next collectable. They start of cheap, but get more expensive quickly... This command also allows you to start over with collecting Red Barrels and Spray Tags, in case you enjoy doing so.

We've also redone achievements. There are now only 13 achievements, but more of them unlock new abilities. This is something we plan to continue doing: each release will include a few new achievements, most of which will unlock something cool.

Other changes in this release include:

  • FEATURE: Red Barrels have been enabled as a new category of collectables!
  • FEATURE: It's now possible for people to start over again in collecting Spray Tags and Red Barrels!
  • FEATURE: We've implemented the Vehicle Keys feature from SAS, many thanks to iou, Lithirm and Kase!
  • FEATURE: People are now able to speak Swedish again. And other languages as well, of course!
  • FEATURE: You can now purchase hints to help you find the remaining collectables.
  • FEATURE: The "/gang members" command will now show you a clear dialog, including last seen times.
  • FEATURE: The "/collectables" command can now share instructions about what their purpose it.
  • FEATURE: The DFT-40 party vehicle has now been implemented in JavaScript.
  • FEATURE: Messages through Nuwani are now subject to our spam and message filters.
  • FEATURE: Administrators can now grant you the ability to use indicators on your vehicle.
  • FEATURE: Beta commands are gone, changing level/VIP on the staging server can now be done with "/accounts".
  • BALANCING: Earnings for vehicle exports have been increased by ~4x.
  • BALANCING: The "/boost", "/fancy" and "/flap" commands are now available to administrators.
  • FIX: Achievements will now be announced to everyone on the server.
  • FIX: Many commands have been updated to share far better usage information. (2)(3)(4)(5).
  • FIX: Gunther and the Plane Pilots have now been implemented in JavaScript.
  • FIX: Many bugs related to logging in as a guest have been fixed with a minimal change.
  • FIX: Storing session information of in-game players has been fixed, also fixing the website issues.
  • FIX: Gunther will no longer make announcements when there aren't any players ingame.
  • FIX: We've tried to make the "/seize" command a bit less prone to bugs.
  • FIX: Some temporary limitations have been added to make "/has" less prone to bugs.
  • FIX: Mentions won't look weird on IRC anymore, as we've removed the colours in the output there.
  • FIX: Using an invalid weapon Id for "/my weapon" will now display an error message.
  • FIX: It's no longer allowed to initiate a phone conversation with yourself.
  • FIX: Administrators can't remove rights from non-temporary administrators anymore. Sorry Darkfire!
  • WEBSITE: We've limited daily registrations per IP address to two, in an effort to combat spam.
  • WEBSITE: We've removed 11,481 fraudulous accounts from our database.
  • MISC: We now support Bézier curves in JavaScript, for more dynamic determination of e.g. prices.
  • MISC: We've upgraded to v8 8.5, and have enabled the Intl series of JavaScript APIs.
  • MISC: The Mad Dogg Mansion interior can now be assigned to houses, but is not selectable.

This release includes changes made by Russell, Specifer, Holsje and Xilent. We'd further like to call out Halo, iou and Freakins for filing issues, and, once again, iou, Lithirm and Kase for publishing the SAS gamemode!