Your favourite radio channels!

posted by Russell on Wednesday, December the 20th at 10:19 PM
Hi folks,

We've been aware that the music available on LVP Radio hasn't been exactly... satisfactory to all our players. While there are good reasons for this, it's definitely not ideal. Today, I'm happy to make two small announcements.

Rudolph has hijacked the radio. The best Christmas songs are now continuously playing on Las Venturas Playground, since we're convinced you haven't been sufficiently pissed off by them yet through other radio and TV channels.

We'll change the default back to another channel after the Christmas holidays.

However, if Christmas songs aren't your cup of tea either, you can now switch to a selection of radio channels. The "[font=Courier New]/radio settings[/font]" command lists a selection of channels to choose from, although you can also disable it altogether.

The available channels certainly are up for discussions, so please feel free to reply to this thread with your favourite (internet) radio channel and we'll consider adding it to the list. Depending on the number of suggestions, we may end up having a vote.

Thanks, and best holiday wishes,