SA-MP 0.3d & LVP 2.94

posted by Jay on Saturday, December the 3rd at 1:29 AM
2.94 - Live now
[align=center]SA-MP 0.3d[/align]

We have just updated the gamemode to version 2.94. This is the first major update since October 2010.
The server has also been updated to SA-MP 0.3d. To play, You need to download the new SA-MP version here.

Most notable features:-

- Stunting: Over 5000 new objects and tonnes of stunting areas to play with.
- Brand new Interface making the gamemode much more friendly for new players.
- Many Improvements to the race system and new races including drift races
- New races added to map zones, which are now accessible from /jump
- Property Improvements: New Property layout with over 450 properties and earnings which payout every 60 seconds.
- Derby Improvements. New Interface and many new derbies added
- Lots of gang territories have been removed to increase competition
- New Power Statue feature
- Improved anticheat for admins
- One shot kills when shooting a player in the head with a sniper rifle
- 100 Spray tags spread around LV and a really cool, special prize for whoever finds them all.
- Houses available to admins and special players
- New minigames: Haystack and Island DM
- Revised /map zone system
- New vehicle layout
- Dropping weapons and money after dying
- Revised spawning system
- Economy revised. Spawn weapons are many items are back to normal prices
- New VIP room and RWTW Arena
- Gangs can now spawn in owned territories
- LVP Radio is back and integrated with vehicle radios
- Speedometer and FPS counters disabled
- Players can now create gangs
- Calculation test improved
- Vending machines have been removed
- Ship improvements
- Removed /gang attack. It is now automatic
- Rewrote and optimized gang territory ID calculation
- Added dance music to the night club interior
- New 0.3d skins
- Added an idle counter for players on the ship
- New gang colours
- Hot Air Balloon added floating above the ship
- New island known as "Dead City" has been added to the north of LS
- Capture the briefcase improved
- All known bugs fixed

New commands:

/my spawn
/vr flip

2.94 will be the last version using the 2.x sourcecode. We will provide more details regarding our current plans in a future blog post soon. We hope you enjoy this version and please feel free to post any feedback in the CSI boards. This version is currently in its BETA phase so we are expecting there to be bugs. Please report these in the bug reports section if any are found.


Special thanks goes out to eF.Pedro who has contributed a LOT of time and effort into populating the gamemode with awesome stunts, ramps, tunnels and loops. He will be rewarded with his own personal property, house and vehicle, fully tuned that only he can access with a custom number plate :)

Enjoy this update and lets hope that it brings the player counts back up!

On behalf of the LVP Management, Development, Beta and Mapping team,