LVP 2.94.6 Live

posted by Jay on Wednesday, December the 14th at 1:20 AM
We have just made LVP 2.94.6 live on the main server. This update fixes the following issues:-

- Dropped money and weapons failing to disappear
- Bombshop not working
- Various commands not working and a message displaying "You are currently in a minigame" showing
- Problems with derbies
- Spawn protection and god mode from  the ship failing to go off
- SaveInfo issues
- Spawn weapons failing to load
- Random vehicles being locked or having disabled engines
- Chat box message failing to disappear after a few seconds
- RWTW arena fixes

Two new commands have been added: /money and /cash. These show information for new players on how to earn money.
We've also improved /help 1.

We've also enabled Christmas mode which has some cool features such as:-

- Santa hats
- Falling snow
- Random Presents being dropped by an elf!
- Reindeer

All major issues for 2.94 have now been fixed and we will release one more update over the Christmas Holiday's which will further fix any reported bugs or fixes that where left out as well as adding some new features for the New Year celebrations.