Las Venturas Playground 2.90

posted by Jay on Sunday, August the 10th at 11:54 PM
The new working update by the Las Venturas Playground version 2 development team is known as LVP 2.90 As some players may have witnessed last week in the mini "preview" that was accidentally run live on the public server, it is likely to be one of the largest sub-version updates LVP has ever seen. In fact the update is so large, that a required private beta team has been assembled for it. There will be many improvements and new features to the game mode to keep our players entertained and give them an 'early taste' of 3.0.

Recently we have been concentrating on the mini games side of Las Venturas Playground. Whilst you will see the old classic mini games such as the chase return, LVP 2.90 will feature a whole load of new races. A few new derby mini games will be featured in 2.90 as well, with one of them including the possibility for players to drop mines out the back of their vehicle! Along with that, there will be a few more additional games that admins can only start, which will hopefully offer a fun aspect. Some of which being optional to join in, whilst others are not. An example game that is already finished, is known as Capture the briefcase.

After acknowledging a lot of complaints relating to crashes and players having to re-purchase things such as Gamble permits, ramping, and spawn weapons, hence loosing their money, LVP 2.90 will feature a system that saves everything after you crash. From the position you were in, spawn weapons, and your gang, to the vehicle you were driving, your money, and your wanted level!

We have taken into consideration the growing popularity of gangs in LVP. Many new gang features will be available in 2.90! From tracking of gang kills/deaths/ratio and improved gang bases, to purchasing special gang weapons! To go along with that, a brand new fight-club and challenge system will be in place to stop disturbances in a fight, and to actually have more professional, fair, 1on1 fights.

As most people will have noticed, the overall money situation in Las Venturas Playground is high. LVP 2.90 will feature new things for players to actually spend their money on that will overall improve their gameplay and offer a fun experience! As-well as that, there will be new money earning methods for new people to make it that one touch easier and more interesting to make money and rise to the top.

Las Venturas Playground 2.90 will not be made public until we are confident we have a stable, bug free game mode.  There will be further information made available and mini look-ins at particular features in future LVP reports.

From this point on, all we can say is that LVP 2.90 is going to be a large improvement to the game mode and definitely something to look forward to whilst LVP 3.0 development continues.


On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground 2.90 development team,