Las Venturas Playground Management & Responsibilities

This is a list of LVP Management members and their responsibilities.

  • Badeend (Co-owner & General development)

  • Together with Sander, Badeend is the owner of Las Venturas Playground. Badeend is the Executive Director, which means he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of LVP. Next to that, Badeend is responsible for the general development. Whether it be gamemode development, website/forum development or IRC bots development - you name it. If you have any questions about LVP in general or LVP's general development, you can contact Badeend.

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  • Sander (Co-owner & Finance)

  • Together with Badeend, Sander is the owner of Las Venturas Playground. Sander is in charge of the financial part of Las Venturas Playground. Sander is also responsible for basic technical server support, including the webserver and TeamSpeak server.

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  • Joe (Human Resources Manager)

  • Joe is in charge of our human resources and leads the administration team. He is the primary point of contact for complaints, issues and compliments about the Las Venturas Playground staff.

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  • oostcoast (Marketing Manager)

  • oostcoast is the Marketing Manager, his job is to promote LVP and any related activities by means of advertisements and promotions. He can be reached at

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