IRC Help

So what is IRC? It's a short for Internet Relay Chat, and like the name suggests it's a chat system. Las Venturas Playground is using IRC channels since it's beginning, to let the community members chat with each other while they are not in-game, or to discuss items in real time.

Official LVP Channels

  • #LVP (English chat)
  • #LVP.Echo (Ingame chat displayed at IRC)
  • #LVP.NL (Dutch chat)


You can use an IRC client to connect. A few examples of clients are: mIRC, XChat or HydraIRC. If you use a client, you have to connect to the IRC server. The IRC server is: When you are connected, you can join channels using, for example, /join #LVP.


  1. Don't spam/flood the channels
  2. Don't abuse the LVP Bots
  3. Racism is not allowed
  4. Do not flame other members
  5. We hate the USE OF CAPS ALL THE TIME


This channel needs some explanation. There are 6 to 10 bots, called Nuw*ni. Where the * can be: a, i, u, o, e. Nuwani is the main bot, all the other bots are child-bots (anti-flood).

The #LVP.Echo channel is used for the in-game chat. Crew members can see even more than that, for example the admin chat.

Via #LVP.Echo you can communicate to the in-game players. You can send your message with: !msg your message in #LVP.Echo. VIP Members can also use !pm playerID message to send PM's to players.