Online Rankings (24-hours)

On these pages you will be able to see the members who have been online the most in the past 24-hours. A maximum of 100 registered members will be shown, divided over four separate pages. These statistics will be available in the normal profiles as well.

# Nickname Last 24-hours Total
1 [InS]Bojan 01:26 hours 712 hours
2 Tempa 00:25 hours 29 hours
3 venom.CRO 00:24 hours 30 hours
4 Somebody_ 00:20 hours 4 hours
5 Sharko 00:08 hours 1 hours
6 Razin 00:02 hours 191 hours
7 SiCk_KiLLeR 00:00 hours 28 hours

These rankings get updated when you leave the game and rely on an IRC-bot to do its job. An XML-feed of these rankings may be found here, which can be used for any purpose.